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Amazon online business opportunity – 2 programs

There are 2 ways to be involved with Amazon for an online business. You can join their affiliate program or you can open an Amazon store.

Both are going to require work on your part but both can be rewarding in their own way. With the affiliate program, you will need to build a website to promote their products. With the Amazon store, you will need wholesalers to buy from, cash and patience.

The Affiliate Program

Most people have heard of affiliate programs to sell merchandise online. Affiliate programs are when you build a website based on your chosen niche. You find products online that are related to your niche to promote. You sign up with the company of those products and join their affiliate program.

On your affiliate website, you then place links on your site to those products. When a visitor views your website, reads through your content, information you provide relating to that product, they then can click on the link that takes them to the affiliate program your signed up for where they can make the purchase.

At that point if the customer buys the product, you would receive a commission. The commission you receive will vary based on the particular affiliate program. But for this example we will use Amazon as the affiliate program.

Amazon has one of the best affiliate programs and is the best known. With their affiliate program you can get commission not only on the product you have promoted, but any other product they buy while on their site.

Once they go to Amazon through the link on your site, whatever they buy while there and not signing off, everything they purchase at that time you will receive a commission on.

Its pretty straight forward and easy to do and sign up for. The work involved is going to be building your website. Building a website takes time, patience and determination.

There are thousands if not tens of thousands of affiliate programs available on the web. All you have to do to find one that is right for your website or niche, just go to google and type in your niche + affiliate programs. Example, coffee pot + affiliate program will list all the affiliate programs linked to coffee.

Now to the Amazon Store

Last time you went to Amazon to buy something, the product listing came up and under the description it says, _ others at  _ price. If you click on that you see all the people selling that same product and the prices are varied. Those are other Amazon store owners.

Amazon does buy direct from manufactures and sells it on Amazon, but more and more they are letting store owners take over buying and selling products.

Having a store on Amazon can be very lucrative but you need to have wholesalers that you can buy from. To do that you need the funds to buy in bulk. You have to be able to buy pallets of product to get a good enough price that you can compete and still make money.

To have a store on Amazon, you can go to any Amazon page and go all the way to the bottom of the page. That is where you will find the links to open a sellers account/store.


The sell on Amazon is where you go to set up a store and the lower link is to become an affiliate. Both require to fill out forms and provide information. Remember that to open a store on Amazon takes a little time but a lot more funds to buy the products. 

They have strict guidelines and rightfully so. You have to comply with all their proceedures but the income you can produce can be life changing. 

How the process works

Once your store is set up, you buy your products from your wholesalers. The product gets shipped to you. You have to attach Amazon tags to all the products called an “acin” number. That is a number that Amazon has created for that product and how they track it through their system. 

You apply these tags over the upc code, repack it into the boxes it came in, weigh the boxes and print shipping labels. Its all done through your store on Amazon. Once you have it all ready, call UPS or drop the products off and it goes to their fulfilment center. 

Once they receive the products, they will confirm to you that they have it in inventory and you can activate the product in your store for sale. 

When a product sells, they will pull it from your inventory, pack it, ship it and handle any customer service calls about your product. For that they charge a small fee. 

Once you have a store on Amazon, you can see how truly Hugh the Amazon sales are. Some of the products I have been researching that I wouldn’t think sells is selling 10-30 a day. 

Just think what having an item selling on Amazon at 20 a day and your making $10.00 each net on that product. That’s $200.00 a day, or $6,000.00 a month. Sound like a good profit? 

I’m not going to miss lead you here, it does take some time and work. Finding wholesalers is not easy, you do have to tag all the items, ship them off, but the rewards can be great.

Advertising Your Products can get costly also if you don’t keep an eye on it. They have what is called “Sponsored Products”. Just like doing advertising with google or any online advertising platform, you have to have your keywords in place.

You set a daily budget of how much your willing to spend to advertise your product listing and can also set how much your willing to bid on each keyword.  

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These are the 2 different ways you can be in business with Amazon. I hope you found this informative. 

All my best to your online success,

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