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Avoid these online scams


“Too many to list them all”

I have looking and trying different online businesses for about 25 years now. I have wasted a lot of time and money trying different things. The offers sounded so good to me, like:

Build an online income producing business in 1 hour, .99 cent domain names”, bla, bla, bla. Its a wonder I kept going. But in the long run I am glad I did because I did finally find the one I was looking for all along.

There is no overnight way to buy, build and
have an income producing site.

Today, the scams online are growing and getting more costly for us. The people that want to have a legitimate online business have to be careful not to get caught up in them.

From promising the moon with little or no work, or nickel and dime you to death after you sign up. Let me go over a few of these so you can avoid what I have gone through over 25 years.

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“Cheap domain names”

 You can find companies selling domain names for .99 cents a month or even a year now. Even though that price is good for just the first year. Not only will the second year be between $7.00-49.00, you have to host that domain. That’s where they get you.

Let me give you one name, IDNS. Its a Canadian company that offer domain names for 15.00 for the first year. Good price, but to renew it the following year its 40.00. You also have to host your domain name to build your new Website.

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 “Build a website in 30 minutes”

This one can be confusing. They make it sound like in 30 minutes you’ll be up and running. Its aimed to attract first timers.

Anyone who has ever built a website knows it can’t be up and running, producing income in 30 minutes. Anyone that tells you that is lying.

If your on a web hosting platform, you could probably buy the domain, register it and arrange to have it hosted in 30 minutes, but that’s just the start of your journey.

At that point its an empty site producing nothing. Building an online business takes time. 3 months of building an online business with no results, is quite common.  

The quickest I have ever finished building a site, ready for online business, is about 4 weeks. Its not buying the Domain Name, or adding pages, its filling those pages up with content. And that’s 4 weeks, 8-10 hours a day. 

Building an online business website takes
time and patience!

Coffee shop Millionaire

This is a program that teaches you the in’s and out’s of internet marketing. They have some decent training and $37.00 entry doesn’t seem bad, but there are a number of “additional expenses” that must be paid monthly. Also a lot of “pay me more” up-sells. 

The training is geared towards people that have some knowledge already of internet marketing. Their financial claims are unrealistic. Your $37.00 start up can become $334.00 before you get to the members area. That doesn’t include buying and hosting a website, and the hosting charge alone is $100.00 plus. [Read More

 Don’t get scammed
“Make Your Site Private !!”

This is so important if you don’t want to get a lot of emails and phone calls from high pressure sales people looking to up-sell you something. This may not be a scam by definition, but it is terribly annoying.

When you buy a domain, you have to make sure it is set to private. Once it is set to private, those sales people can’t access your information and get your email and phone number.

Wealthy Affiliate automatically gives you free privacy
Namecheep is free the first year, $2.98 thereafter
HostGator is $.99 first year $6.99 after

GoDaddy is $7.99 for Domain privacy
1and1 is free

 “Making Money with Fast lane lifestyle”

Fast lane lifestyle for example claims that for an investment of $47.00 you can earn $1,500. a day starting on day 1. There is no such thing. Get rich quick claims are total scams and I hope you understand that. The only ones making money this way are the people selling you on it. [Read More]

The secret methods…

Most of the “Hopeful” people that sign into this, either have to scam someone else or sign someone into a scheme. Not good for you and your online image, not good for the person you scam. A lot of these companies get shut down for making such Hugh financial claims.

If I could just get all my money back on all of these I fell for, I would be well off. These companies claim you can make thousands your first month or your money back. Problem is, in the fine print as your signing up, it says your making a 3 month commitment. After your 3 month commitment, your 30 day money back guarantee is void. 

Up to $1,000 a day

They might says it MLM or an affiliate program, but its actually a Pyramid Scheme plain and simple. You pay to get involved, and then get others to do the same and earn a commission. 

You’d be just throwing your money away if you fall for one of these scams. The only way to make a steady passive income online is through steady work, time and patience. 

 “Build your website and business for $9.99”

 How many times I have fallen for this one. It sounds great but, If you want the site to be hosted, that’s and up-charge. If you need the tools to build your site, that’s an up-charge. Do you want to have more then 1 page, that’s an up-charge.

What sounded like a great deal, now is costing you another $20-40 dollars more. Its called up-selling similar to when you go to a burger place and order a burger. What is the next thing they ask… “Do you want fries with that”?

A shocking discovery?

Well I guess if you did find a way to funnel $1,000.00 a day into your account, it would be shocking. But would you tell anyone about it? 

The way this guy is funneling $1,000.00 a day into HIS account, is by getting you to believe it can happen and selling you on it. Its your money going into his account!

Free book, just pay the shipping (an affiliate scam?)

I bring this one up because they are selling book on “how to start an internet business”, and “how to build a website” and more. The first thing I noticed is they are way out of date. The ebooks their selling may have been good in the 90’s but not today.

Their shipping cost covers the price of the book. What they are after are 2 things. They want your information, name, address, etc. You will be getting offers and up-sells for a long time afterwards.

Some in turn will sell your information to others. It will be a never ending pile of crap. Not just through the mail, but emails, phone calls, etc. 

Second, they want to use the amount of books sold to boost their ratings. What they are trying to do is get on the best sellers list which will in turn boost their actual sales. Most of these books are not worth the paper they’re printed on.    

Success with Anthony, a scam or real?

This program sends you through a series of up-sells and some promises of free bonuses which you are required to pay up-front. Paying anything up-front should send you a red flag signal.

They claim to give you a free website which is not actually free. There is limited support and a member told me when you get a response for your question, you end up with 2 more questions.

The products they sell were taken off of click bank which should also send up a red flag. If you check on reviews from customer of theirs, there are numerous complaints.

So what comes across as a good way to drive visitors to your site, actually cost more and more but you don’t know that until your already involved. You get sales calls you didn’t consent too, some of the free offers aren’t free at all.  [Read More]   

Personal Note:
Never to late if you know where to look

I was practically at the end of my rope when I stumbled across Wealthy Affiliate’s site. It was the best stumble I have had in 25 years.

I struggled for years but that struggling gave me a lot of knowledge as to what to avoid and appreciate what I have now.

I can personally guarantee that it cost nothing, $0, zero dollars to join the Wealthy Affiliate starter program. That’s exactly how I joined.

You get everything you need, Including 2 FREE websites and all the tools and training you need. No pressure, no commitment, no upselling and it is truly FREE.

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Hope this was helpful and I get to help you along your road to success.


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