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Best website domain hosting – WordPress included

What does the BEST mean to you?

Everyone has their own idea of what is the best website domain hosting platform. For some its the service or site support aspect of the site. For some its the cost of the domain names, others its if its a WordPress (the best site builder) supported site.

Most people want an active live chat so they can get answers quickly from other members. Almost everyone that’s just starting in online marketing wants to have a good library of training videos. Some want to know that the up-time and load-time’s are good and others consider it the best with their ease of use.

So, what is your idea of the best site? If its all of the above then I do have the best site for you and I will explain why, but first a little about why I can say that their the best.

I have had online businesses for quite a few years now. I first started with a sporting goods store 20+ years ago. Didn’t know what I was doing at first. There was very little training and guidance, so my first site was a failure but looking back it was so educational.

I have been a member of 6 different website hosts along the way. My first successful site was on GoDaddy. They were the best known website host at the time and had some training. I built 3 sites there 2 of them I still have but not at GoDaddy anymore.

Fast forward to make a long story short, I have all my sites on the same hosting platform today. I have 7 in total and working on another. One thing I can tell you about building an online business is you need time, patience and determination. More on that later.

Why do I consider it the best site?

I have always been one
that did not want to feel like I am building my website alone. I like that there’s  a HUGH community there with a live chat that is bubbling with activity at any time of the day. 

Whenever I am working on my site, if I have a question, I jump into the chat room and can get an answer in a minute. There are so many very successful people in the chat room at any time that I can get answers, links to products or information at any moment.

With every page or post I complete, I can post it in a place on the site and have the other community members review it, comment on it and give me their honest opinion. Try to find that on any other website hosting platform out there today.

When we start posting our site or pages on social media, we follow each other which really helps with search engines. I even have direct access to the owners of the site who occasionally can be found in the live chat room talking with other members.

The front page or dashboard 

Let me explain the dashboard a little.

On the left side under the button for the dashboard is Certification. That is the training to build a website, step by step. There are 5 levels to this training with a total of 176 tasks to complete. When you finish those steps you will have a complete and functioning website.

The next tab is Live chat which you can see runs along the right side of the dashboard. You can see how active it is. When I took the screen shot this morning, all the activity is less than a minute old.

Next tab is site rubix, this is your site manager and where you go to build your site. Important to mention that they are WordPress website. Also under that tab is site support, give and get comments on your site, get feed back on your site or post, a site content writing platform,(excellent tool).

Affiliate BootCamp is basically training on how to build an affiliate website. This training has 7 level to it and a total of 228 tasks. Once done with that training and all the tasks you will have an affiliate website up and running making you a nice passive income.

Under that is the training, there are 13 classrooms and live video training. Then there are the tools like the keyword search, rapid writer etc. Then is the affiliate program and classroom where you can get information, ask questions or post your accomplishments.

Top and middle

Top middle is what I refer to as the Q&A area. If you type in a question, it brings up a dropdown menu with all training that refers to that question. Then there’s the new members that have signed up to say hello and follow.

Below that is questions asked in different classrooms. They post them there so anyone can answer even if not in the classroom. You can see all the benefits that this site has to offer.

What does all this cost?

Although you can sign up for free and get 2 free websites and hosting for them, It took me all of 3 hours as a free member to see the benefits. Important to note that as a free member you get access to everything for 7 days, after that the training modules are limited to the first level.

Now as a premium yearly member, (the best bang for your buck), I pay $359.00 a year, which is $29.91 a month or .98 cents a day. I can host up to 50 sites for the same price.

The cost is good by industry standards and all the other sites I have been on and have done reviews on. There is no upselling, nothing else you have to buy, all the plugins you need and the WordPress is all included. Your site is also set to private at no additional charge as other website host charge for that.

No need to belong to a keyword search platform since they have one that is included. That alone will save you $15-20.00 a month that you would have to pay for if you become a member at another hosting site. Their keyword search tool is awesome.

Here is the breakdown of domain name costs

With this comparison alone you can see that domain names can get costly with other website hosts. Most have up-sells, costs for the security protection and the domain name prices go up every year.

Is this site for everyone?

It should be but I know its not. For someone that is just starting out and wants to build an online business, they can be swayed by the ad’s offering a cheap domain name. Like GoDaddy usually runs a .99 cent sale on domain’s.

But when you add all the other products to it that you will need to build your site, the .99cents is not such a great deal. Its that old saying, “Can’t see the forest for the trees”.

People see that price and think wow I can get a website domain name for .99 cents. Its an advertising ploy that works well for them, but once your in they have you. Domain names can be moved with a little work to another hosting site, but remember that .99 cent domain is going to go up a lot next year and you will have to pay for it to keep it.

I pay one price, I have everything anyone could need to build a successful site, a community that I am getting to know as friends, training for every step of the way, my keyword tool, an up-time and load-time that is above industry standards and no up-sells.

Are you ready to start your online business?

The yearly premium sign-up $359.00 ( $29.91 a month, .98 cents a day)

Free sign up (7days of free everything, limited training after)

Want the free websites with hosting included?
Check for your domain below.

I hope to see you there and that this post was informative
All my best to your online success, 

PS: Please leave a comment if you have a minute…Thanks


  1. Roger says:

    Doug, I’m so glad I found this post, I almost signed up with godaddy. Once I got to figure all the cost of what I needed plus the keyword tool, it was going to cost me over 40 bucks a month.
    You have it at wealthy affiliate for 30. I’m sold and will see you in there I’mn sure.

    • Roger, Well, I’m glad you found my site also. It is very hard to prove to people what Wealthy Affiliate is all about and the saving you can have by not being fooled by the low price domains hosting sites offer to get you hooked in.
      I’ll be looking for you on the site. I’ll be in the chat room for a little bit today to help some others if they need it.
      See you there, Doug

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