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Building an Online Business – Top 3 Reasons People Fail

There are many reasons people fail with their attempt to build an online business. In this post we will be going over the top 3 reasons.

  1. Not fully understanding what is involved
  2. Choosing to broad of a niche
  3. Signing up with the wrong hosting company

The First Step To Your Success Is Below 

There are many deceptions online about building a website and starting an online business. How easy it is, that it can be done in 30 minutes, that it can be done for free, (a half truth) or that you can become rich quickly.

The first thing you must understand is it will take time, patience, determination and a strong why. Lets first look at what I mean as a strong why.

Why do you want to start an online business. I hope its not because you heard its an easy way to make some extra income, because you’d be dead wrong.

People have all kinds of reasons why they want an online business. Some of them are:

  1. Children’s college education
  2. Better vacations
  3. A vacation home or first home
  4. A new car
  5. To escape the rat race of a 9-5 job

Whatever you reason is, you must feel strongly about it. The main reason is, you will get discouraged, probably many times and want to quit. Its during those times that you need a picture of your WHY hanging by your work space to look at, remember why your doing this, and get back to work.

The discouraging part comes after a month or 2 and you keep building your site with more and more pages filled with content, but your seeing no activity. It can be very disheartening. Most people that do quit will give up in the first 90 days.

This brings us to the TIME factor. To be building a website for an online business for 6 months and still not see any activity is common. The first website I built took a year to start producing income. This also can vary depending how much time your able to spend on your website daily.

This brings us to the patience needed. Even if your new to building website and starting an online business, and sign up to the number 1 website hosting platform and get all the training you’ll ever need, it still cannot teach you patience.

Patience is imperative to becoming a success online as in life. Even a simple matter of writing content on a page, you may want to rush through it and get it published. Be patient. When you realize the time its going to take to build a website, you must also see the need for patience.

Determination goes hand and hand with your WHY. At the times that you feel discouraged and look at your why, you then have to be determined to keep moving ahead.

There would be nothing worse than giving up after a few months, and then a year later to be thinking, “I wonder where I would be if I didn’t quit?” Don’t put yourself in that position. Make sure it is something you truly want to do, and then don’t look back.

No matter what niche you choose, you will have competition in the online business world. What will make a difference is the information you provide when writing your content. The helpfulness of your information, the proper keyword usage and placement and your marketing.

But a major factor is narrowing down your niche to a focused niche. Let me give you one example so you know what I am saying when I say focus down your niche.

Lets say you have a passion for Golf and want to build a website to promote golf products.

Golf is a good broad niche but we have to narrow it down to a focused niche. What I mean by this is there are too many products and services that are related to golf. Lets make a list of all the narrower niches within golf.

Golf Balls, golf clubs, golf umbrellas, gold bags, golf shoes, golf merchandise (tee’s, ball markers, towels, etc.), golf lessons, golf memorabilia, golf cloths, etc.

Each one of these can be narrowed down further to get to a more focused niche. Lets take golf clubs as an example and narrow it down to a focused niche that you can build your site with.

Golf clubs is still too broad a niche. You have all the different clubs first, drivers to putters not to mention about 8-10 different degrees of wedges. Then you have all the different brands of clubs, new or used, woman’s, children’s or men’s.

I hope your getting the point here, you have to narrow it down and specialize on a FOCUSED NICHE. So lets say you want to focus on drivers.

With drivers, you have all the different brands, all the different degrees of angles, new or used, left handed or right handed, woman’s or men’s.

My point with this example is to make you see how you can chisel down a passion (niche) into a more focused niche.

Choosing your website hosting platform will be your first financial decision. But it is also the most important decision you will make.

Research, Research, Research. I could tell you the only website hosting platform that I would ever consider, but you have to do your research and decide for yourself.

I have a host of reviews on different website hosts listed below. I have belonged to many of them in my time online, but I have made my decision.

Website hosting platform reviews
[ Wealthy Affiliate ] [ GoDaddy ] [1and1 ] [BlueHost] [FatCow] [IPage]
[ namecheep ] [ HostGator ] [Website Builder] [] [JustHost]

One thing I can tell you is that do not sign up to any website host that is owned by EIG, Endurance International Group. They own close to 90 or more website hosting platforms now and every time they buy one, they lay off workers and the service, support and the system goes down the drain.

You have to be honest with yourself with what your going to need and want for a website host. Will you need training? Will you need or want a live chat room with some other members actually in it? Do you want to working with WordPress, the easiest and most complete website building program.

Will you need support? Will you need a keyword search platform? (that’s a no brainer) Will you be needing images to use for free? Do you want a way to get comments?(great for the SEO)

When you consider all the things you need and what each one will cost by themselves, A domain name, hosting, keyword search, WordPress, site privacy, email, etc. you could be paying upwards of $40.-80. a month or more.

That’s why I switched all my websites over to Wealthy Affiliate. I pay it yearly so I get the best price of $29.98 a month. It has everything I mentioned and more. Live training, classrooms, every plugin you could imagine, access to the owners and more.

To give it more value, you can sign up for free and get access to everything they have for 7 days to explore, ask other members about it, and to make sure it will have everything you need, and it will have more than you need. Also, you can host up to 50 sites for the same price.

But like I said, do your research first and you make the decision.

All my best to your online success,

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