How to Start Your Online Business

A Step by Step Guide

Create domain name


Before you create a domain name, you need to have a niche.

What “Domain Name” fits your Niche

Choosing a domain name might sound easy, but that name is going to be a big part of your online success. Its your online identity.

You want to keep it relatively short and try to incorporate a keyword or keyword phrase in the name. You also want it to be relevant to what your new business is.

Although your name is very important, its not as important as your page titles will be. Just take note below in the google search, the blue headers in the results are page titles, not the website name.

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Lets take an example:

Say I wanted to buy some golf balls and I type into google, “best price on golf balls”. The SEO (search engine optimization) is going to look for “Golf”, “Golf Ball”, “Golf Balls” ,”Best Golf Balls”, “Prices on Golf Balls” etc. Its going to search for anything related to any of the words you typed in.

In the end as you’ve probably noticed when you have done a search, it will come up with millions of results. In the case of “best price of Golf Balls”, its 3,140,000 results. So, using the above example, you can see your going to have a lot of competition. 

I want you to see the importance of choosing the right name for your site. “Best price on golf balls” might be a good name for a site. It is all about golf balls, and its telling you that it has the best price.

But take a close look at the results above. The blue bold headers are page titles, not the site name. So your page titles are more important then your name. “Best price on golf balls” is a great page title but could also be the site name as well.  

Simplify your search

So, let’s say your niche is going to be Tooth Brush Holders. Well, that’s a niche but its too broad. Is it going to be travel tooth brush holders, glass, plastic, custom, wall mounted, counter top, etc. As you can see it has to be narrowed down.

Lets say its wall mounted tooth brush holders. Now the search results are getting lower, 1,590,000.  Fine tune your niche and the ideas you put on paper for a domain name.

Take that list to a Keyword Search Engine and search some of the name possibilities you have written down. The results will give you numerous keywords and phrases. It also might give you other ideas for business names.

Access a free keyword search platform here

Here is what a keyword search of “tooth brush holders” look like:

Here is what all the numbers relate to:

  • AVG: is the number of searches that phrase gets per month
  • Traffic: is the amount of “click through” or visitors that phrase gets
  • QSR: is the number of competing websites that use that phrase
  • KQI: is a quality indicator (green great, yellow ok, red poor)
  • SEO: is a score based on traffic and completion (0-100)

The top 4 sites to check for keywords are: – Free sign up and free keyword search – free keyword search – free keyword search
Google keyword search

I belong to 2 of the above sites. I use as I have moved all my sites there. I recently joined Jaaxy pro, ($19.00/mo) because I can do 25-30 searches for each page I am creating. I probably do over 100 searches a week and since I value my time and the data I am searching, I want the best available.  

Both will also let you look up domain names you have come up with and see if there available. But Jaaxy has a lot more to offer. Check it out here.

As your searching through the keywords and key phases, you can create a folder and save your searches to use later when you have to incorporate Keywords into your Website and its Content. Fine tune your name and when you have one chosen, you have to either buy it or if its on Wealthy Affiliate, you can get 2 sites for free.

You will need to host your domain, so read the reviews below

[ Wealthy Affiliate ]  [ HostGator ]  [ GoDaddy ]  [] [FatCow]
[ namecheap ]  [ 1and1 ]  [Website Builder]  [BlueHost] [iPage] [JustHost]

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Registering your name

When your ready to buy a domain name and have it hosted, you must choose wisely. If you are new to building an online business and you know you’ll need training and guidance, make sure it will be there for you.

You can find a lot of site pushing their “cheep” domain names, but that is only getting you the name. Now what will you do? If you want it hosted, your going to pay more. You want privacy, your going to pay more.  

If you want to start an online business with no money to speak of, and your planning to use the free websites offer at wealthy affiliate, you can simply check below if your name is available.

If the name you picked is listed as available, you register it with the click of a button and it is hosted right away and you can start building your pages and content within a few minutes.

 The Next step

Now you have your Domain Name, you have it hosted and your ready to start building pages and content.

The pages you add and the content you fill them with are paramount for your online business success. Take the time to go through the importance of page titles and the content you write on them. [ Read More ]

All my best to you and your business.

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