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Customer Reviews on Constant Contact – Pro’s and Con’s

CEO: Gail Goodman
Owned by: EIG (Endurance International Group)- Red Flag

I am approaching my customer reviews on constant contact with caution. EIG bought constant contact in 2016 and this was the headline in Forbes:

Endurance Finalizes Constant Contact Acquisition,
Lays Off 15% Of The Staff

This is what this monster company does. Buys a company that is doing good, lays off workers and then the company and service starts going down hill. Its no different with Constant Contact. 

On to the review…

Constant contact is an online email list management service. This service provides over 400 free templates that will allow a business to create their newsletters and email marketing material.

There are a number of online survey development tools offered by this company as well. There are different packages that a business owner can purchased based on the needs of their business and how many emails they plan on sending out each month.

There are even special discounts for nonprofit organizations and additional discounts if an account is prepaid. There are both positive and negative features to using this email management service.


Their 2 pricing programs are called email and email plus. Both levels of their program are slightly higher for the start up levels and much higher than most with all the other levels of pricing.

You have to commit to either a 6 months of their service or 12 months. This ties you into their program for that length of time. 

The difference in the 2 programs is with the email program you get 1GB of file storage and the plus program gets you 2 GB of storage. Also, the cheaper program can only have 1 user while the plus program you can have 10 users.

The email plus program also gives you email automation, event marketing, online donations, surveys and polls and coupons. With the cheaper program you do not get those.

Hundreds of templates to choose from

The do offer over 400 templates that are mobile friendly. This is a low number by industry standards. Most email marketing companies offer thousands of templates.

They do run live seminars around the US and Canada. They also have some online webinars and some written training you can tap into.

Although they do have sign-up forms to place on your site, they do not show them for anyone to get an idea of the style.

Some customer reviews
Aga says: Do not provide for them your financial information
Tichetfl said: Constant Contact has become horrible!

Brian says: Amazing terrible customer support.
SBBfan says: CTCT is very, very great provider.
James said: Don’t give constant contact your credit card information!
Johanna says: I’ve like Constant Contact so far.
Stas.34 said: one of the best email marketing solution for sure.
Drew said: Once they got my money, they didn’t do a thing.

60 day free trial – Credit card on file is needed
Over 400 free templates – Nice but low by industry standards
Drag and drop features – similar with most email marketing companies
Safe Subscribes SM – security from hackers

Difficult to cancel – Must call them

Over priced – higher than most other email services (The email archives as well as the image storage each cost $5 a month.)
Difficulty with Customer Service
Limited Customization – The templates can be helpful to beginners but for those that are looking to add additional features this can be a drawback.

Designed for: Newbies, an experienced person would stay away
Support: Seems to be getting worse since the buy out by EIG

I used to be with Constant Contact years ago and they were good. I have moved everything to a different email marketing company since they were bought by EIG. 

I do not like what EIG does to a company. They are holders of about 80+ website hosting and email marketing companies. Their actions are very predictable now since they do the same thing with every company they buy. 

I do not and will not recommend a company that is owned by EIG since it is destined to go downhill. 

Here’s my #1 recommended site for email marketing

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