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Deception – How Its A Part Of Our Everyday Lives – Part 2

The Dumbing Down Of America

I read this small pamphlet of a book a while ago, although very dissatisfied with the size of the book, it was informative and to the point.

Not sure when the dumbing down of America started. Some say it started with the beginning of history, others say it was during the Kennedy administration, (we’ll get into that another time).

I think it was when the first human placed himself above any others as a leader. Telling others not to do this or that, or do it this way or that way. They get some weak minded people who believe what there saying and now they have people to enforce their plans.

A king was put in charge of armies, you follow his laws or be thrown in jail, made to work hard labor or are put to death.

So, it was at that point that we are told to believe in their way of thinking or be punished. That was the beginning of us not being able to have our own thoughts or beliefs. This began the dumbing down of humanity.

Do you know who it was that suggested that sports stadiums be built for the masses. The reason was it will keep us entertained and involved in things that don’t matter, all the while keeping us blind to what’s really going on in the world.

“Keep the masses entertained and we can do what we want” was one quote. I can’t tell you the number of times I have been in a restaurant and listened to conversations at surrounding tables. Its never about what’s really happening in the world and our economy, its all about their favotite sports player or team and how their doing.

Why was Dumbing down the public Necessary? 


Keep the masses dumb so they need to look to their supposed leaders for direction, leadership and guidance.  They need to keep us in control. They needed to create a world where we need them and depend on them. If we try to think for ourselves and do on our own, there are punishments and fines to pay.

We think we, here in America are free. Maybe compared to some other countries in some ways we may see it that way, but we aren’t free at all.

OK, so lets look at a few of the most common areas that you may think, we as Americans are free. Most common is that we can travel around the country any time and any place we want. Yes, true if you have the money to do so, or the car, the gas, a place to stay. But yes we can move about the country.

We can live anyplace in the country we want. True, if you have the money to buy a home or rent an apartment and the job to support yourself. And then to stay in that place you choose, you have to get up each day and go to work to make the money to pay the bills to stay there.

Everything at that point has a requirement. Pay the mortgage or loose the house. Pay the electric or loose your power. Pay your taxes or go to jail.

Its amazing that they have, over time, gotten us to believe that this is freedom. But they do this “Convincing” over long periods of time. Its all planned out in 10-20-100 year segments. Small steps so we won’t notice. More on this subject later…

So Much History Hidden

Why do they hide so much from us?

What do I mean by hide?

There is a cave in the Grand Canyon that was explored on April 5, 1909, a front page story in the Arizona Gazette reported on an archaeological expedition in the heart of the Grand Canyon funded by the Smithsonian Institute, which had resulted in the discovery of Egyptian artefacts. You can read about it here.

I remember watching the TV show called “America Unearthed” in which one of the episodes was about this cave. They explained that first they couldn’t get near the cave, second that it was sealed off by a steel door, and if you attempt to get to it, the government helicopter will show up and tell you to get out of the area.

They are Hiding History. In fact I think the show “America Unearthed” was stopped because they started to get to close to the truth about America.

On a smaller scale but still related, back in the early 70’s when we were having a gas shortage, LOL, I mean when they wanted to up the cost of gas, a race car driver living in Florida, modified his car carburetor and was getting  110 miles per gallon.

Detroit went down and visited him and $2,000,000.00 later it was in the bottom draw at their office. W can’t have cars getting over 100 miles per gallon for a lot of reasons. One very important reason is taxes.

The Government needs the tax revenue on gas. If cars were getting 3-4 times as many miles per gallon, they wouldn’t be collecting the taxes they need.

Commercials – Advertisements

When I went to retail training school, the basic 3 steps for any advertisement was “Feature – Function – Benefit”. These were the key things any ad must have. 

Now, sometimes when I do watch a commercial I ask a member of my family, What are they advertising? 

We have talking dogs, penguins, cars, mattresses, gecko’s, boxes, and the list goes on and on. And we sit there and watch this and sometimes laugh. I laugh also but for an entirely different reason. I laugh because of the stupidity of it and that people see this as “the norm”.

Added to these stupid commercials is the “order now and we’ll give you free shipping”. Or “order now and we’ll double your order”. Well we’ve went over that in part one and know that there is no such thing. Your paying for it but there is something that happens to us when we hear this because we have been manipulated over time to see this as a deal!

What happened to the nightly news?

Remember when you had a 1/2 hour news show, usually coming on at 10-11 pm at night and it gave you a summery of the days news. Short sweet and to the point, with a 5-6 minute weather forecast and a 5 minute sports summery. 

Now we have several news shows running 24/7 with panels of people telling us their opinion of what is going on. None of it is real, is all just opinions. They tell us the same story over and over again with different panels of people each 30-60 minutes. 

So many people take this as gospel and believe every word which is what they want to happen. Is all part of the conditioning of the human population. They have so much control over us. If someone that has the ear of a number of the population starts to say things they don’t want to be said, they discredit them in more ways than one, so people won’t believe what there saying. 

We are numb as humans. Oblivious to what is truly going on around us. We’re all working so hard to make ends meet that we pay no attention to what is really going on in the world. And that is exactly what they want us to be doing. 


Sports figures get paid abnormal amounts of money to play a game and they get this kind of money because of us, or I should say most of YOU. Your willing to pay hundreds of dollars for a ticket to watch guys in helmets throw a ball, run with it and plow through others like a gladiator game. 

Not only that, but while your there you pay $6.00 for a few French fries, $12.00 for a beer and buy all the merchandise with your favorite players name on a piece of cloth. Do you see how dumb that is? 

In the last post we mentioned how the Patriots bought 2 – 767 jets. NO, YOU BOUGHT THEM. Your so willing to pay through the nose to be entertained by these sports figures that they can afford them. There not printing money in the locker room, all that they have is from YOU, the fans.

I had an extreme privilege in 2014 to caddy for a professional golfer at a charity event in California and I can tell you the first feeling or sense I got when I stepped “inside the ropes” was money.

These golfers don’t wear a Walmart $15.00 shirt, they wear $1,000.00 shirts, which they get for free from their sponsors. And how can the sponsors afford to give them these shirts, pant’s and shoes? 

We’ll get into all that in my next post.

We all want to have a good job, something that will take care of all our expensive and give us a means to take a vacation, buy a better car or home. But there are 2 sides to this coin that we refuse to see. We will get into that and the real cost of things in  post #3.


Don’t just accept things as they are,
Question them!

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Thanks,   Doug

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