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Deception: How Its Part Of Our Everyday Lives – Part One

Deception – Its all around us
Part One….Scratching the surface

How could we (humans) have let it come to this point? Can it get worse or can we change it? It’s a sad fact that it involves everybody and everything.

There is a great book written by: James Dale Davidson called “The Age of Deception” and I do highly recommend it. You can find it on Amazon or any book store. It decodes the truth of the American economy.

A great book of facts of what is really going on in the world. Occasionally I will refer to the book, but I generally want to tell you how it relates to our everyday lives. This will be a series of posts as we dive deeper into how this all started. It can be traced back to before the Roman Empire.

So lets get this started

We are smothered by it each and every day. From the powers that run the world, to our government officials both federal and local, businesses and their advertising, everyday people and our children.

Another word for deception would be lie. As it was told to me, “The bigger the lie, the easier it is to convince the general public its true”. It gets sent to the news feeds, they tell us over and over again that “this is how it happened”, and the general public believes it.

Our own government has done this so much it is something they know they can get away with. I’m not trying to sound like a conspiracy believer, I am a fact believer.

Sometimes the facts seems so unbelievable that people don’t want to believe it and call it a conspiracy, but the truth is, that there is a lot of truth in the conspiracy theory’s.

Facts verse the lie’s

Do you know why we went to war in Iraq? Most of you would say “weapons of mass destruction”. You may say to remove “Saddam” because he harbored terrorist or to search for Bin-Laden. Yeah that was what we were told, the deception.

The fact is we went into Iraq because Saddam started selling oil in euro’s, which under an agreement signed in the 70’s was not allowed. What happened to Gaddafi was done for the same reasons. He was introducing a gold dinar and was going to sell oil for gold. Also not allowed.

What I am trying to point out here is that the deception (lie’s) are far more involved in all that happens in the world then we care to believe. To understand everything that happened in the middle east, you would have to read the book “The Age of Deception”. If I was to write it all here, it would also be a book.

The smaller deceptions

Have you ever found something broken in your home and asked the kids, “did you do that”? What is the answer? No. It seems to be common place for most living beings to try to get away with something.

I once watch a lady bump into my car in a parking lot, I ran over as she was getting out of her car and said to her, You just hit my car! No I didn’t she yelled back. But I had a video I took with my phone and even though it was a scrape, I told her for lying to me, I was calling the police.

Patriots buy 2- 767 jets, But the title should be “we the people bought the patriots 2 jets”. It is only because we pay through the nose for everything related to sporting events, that they have this money to buy jets.

From the ticket prices, food, $10.00 cup of beer, $5.00 French fries. I have to stop and ask, Why do we do it? I don’t! I enjoy a good game, but I am not a Hugh fan of football. I do love golf but still will not pay for tickets to watch someone hit a little white ball into a hole in the ground.

We need to stop this madness! We pay for everything and we pay through the nose for it. That’s why they have the money to give away free baseball caps to the first 10,000 people showing up for a game. There not free baseball caps, we (or I should say you) have paid for them.

Advertising – Nothing is free

The first thing you have to realize here is nothing, and I mean NOTHING is free in this world. We, “the people” pay for everything. Once you understand this, you can see through all the advertising that is all around us every day.

For example: I was arguing with my family recently about a new ad, “buy one iPhone and get the second one on us”. Well, lets break this down a little.

This cell phone company has to buy every phone they sell (or give away). There is a lot of money in cell phones to start. But the one they give away, they had to pay for it, so your paying for it someplace.

Look at it this way. What is your cell phone bill,(for one phone) each month? Now weigh that against Consumer Cellular, where you can get a good plan for under $20.00 a month and some as low as $9.95. You get the same coverage, same text, calls and keep your own phone. So who’s paying for that “get one on us” phone? YOU!

Even if the company takes the money out of their own pocket, how did that money get in their pocket? From us! They are not printing the money in the back room. Every dollar the company has, the employees have, the owners have is all from us.

Store loyalty cards

I do most of my food shopping at a store that offers a loyalty card here in Colorado. They have their own gas station in the lot. The more I spend on food, the bigger discount I get on my gas purchase.

Now, there is not a lot of profit in gas at the pump, so if I get .20-.25 cents off of every gallon, they are making that plus more on the food I buy. There are so many “blind” items, (items we don’t know the real price of) we buy in the supermarket where they can make more than is needed to give me my discount on the gas.

It feels good when I fill up at the pump, but I know I am not really getting a discount as I have paid for it in the cost of my food purchase. I hope you get my point.

Free Shipping

How many times have you bought something because it says “FREE SHIPPING”. We think we’re getting a good deal right? But lets look at this:

Without naming any particular shipping company, they do not ship for free. Any package shipped has to be paid for. They have workers to pay, gas for the trucks, the trucks themselves, the building they work in, etc..

So, the companies offering free shipping are paying for the shipping, or I should say your paying for the shipping. It’s in the price your paying for the product. Nothing in this world is free, yet they have brainwashed us into the frame of mind that makes us believe its free.

Let me give you an example of something I am involved in, the largest online retailer. People that shop there are looking for Prime sellers because they get “Free Shipping”. Free to you maybe, but the shipping still has to be paid. Shipping companies do NOT work for free. So this company pays the shipping by charging the sellers the shipping price.

So what do the sellers do? They raise the price of what their selling to cover what their going to be charged for the shipping. So in the end, who is paying for the Free Shipping? You.

Nothing, and I mean nothing in this world is free. We the people of the world pay for everything.
All of these examples are Deceptions.

My Summery for today

So what does all this have to do with building an online business? Nothing and everything. First, one of the biggest deceptions, is that creating an online business is easy. It is not by a long shot. 

There are endless hours of work that have to be put into a website that is going to produce a residual income. Yet some sites will lead you to believe that it can be done in 30 seconds, 30 minutes or a day. 

It can take up to 9 months or more, working on your site many hours a day before you see some activity. You have to understand many things about building a website, your page titles, keywords, seo’s, internal and external links and so on. 

If your unfamiliar with building a website, you need training and guidance. Website support that is quick and helpful. A website building platform that is easy to navigate and understand. Other members that you can chat with and get some quick answers as well as emotional support.


Without giving you any deceptions about what the cost will be, its not cheap but also does not have to be expensive. Some of the website hosting platforms can sell you a domain name for $1.00, and remember that’s only for the first year.

Then you have to pay for hosting. You will have to sign up to a keyword search platform, and you’ll use it every day. You need images to use, so unless you take all your own photo’s, you’ll have to buy the rights to use them. On and on…

So I can only recommend one website hosting/training platform where everything you need is included, and I only recommend you sign up yearly. It is by far the best deal for building an online business. Wealthy Affiliate. You can read my review on this website Here.

So far we are just scratching the surface on the topic of deceptions. We will take a closer look at these in my next post. I’ll also offer a look at how the powers of the world are using it to their own advantaged. Also we will look at the planned out “Dumbing Down of America”.

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Thanks, Doug

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  1. Dave says:

    Too true Douglas nothing is for free. We will pay for it at sometime in the game. The costs are just hidden in other things and the unwitting person falls for the trap. However, thats what companies have to do to stay competitive and stand out. As consumers its up to us to make educated decisions. Thanks for your article because it helps people to be more aware and come to those educated decisions.

    • Douglas Schmitz says:


      Thanks for your comment Dave. Its so true, when your wanting to creating an online business and trying to find the right website host to sign up to. They will tell you how great their platform is and offer some cheap price on domain names or hosting to get you in the door, but it isn’t until after that you find out the truth.

      Its such as shame that its not only in our everyday lives, but when your also trying to create an online business as well. Its hard to show people the truth when all they are looking for is a cheap way.

      All my best,   Doug

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