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Deceptions – Professional Golf And Its Involvement – Part 3

How deceptions are a part of all professional sports
And its relationship to online business

I had the distinct privilege in 2014 to caddy for a professional golfer. He is one of the best golfers in the world. It was a charity event, I made a donation and won.

As a fair golfer now with a 6.7 handicap and having some caddy experience at a local club, I had some knowledge of what I was doing, but still trained for 2 months before hand. Mostly to carry a 50 lb. professional’s golf bag.

On the morning of the event and having my badge which gave me access to almost everything, I went to the caddy/players hospitality area and had some breakfast with the other caddies and players.

All of the food and beverages were all free to us and it was top quality as you would expect. We didn’t have to pay for a thing. Do you know why? Because the fans paid with their ticket prices.

My immediate gut feeling inside me was “Money”. While the fans outside were able to go to the concession stand placed on the course and pay for their precooked food, I was inside eating with the golfers and caddies eating top quality food, served fresh and all on the dime of the fans.

Meeting my player

Off to the driving range and stepping for the first time “inside the ropes”, I met my Professional Golfer. I knew who I was going to caddy for since I had bid on him.

The first professional golf tournament I saw Jordan play in, I saw him under pressure make some terrific shots. I turned to my daughter and told her, “if I could caddy for anyone, he would be it. He’s going to be the number one player in the world some day”.

When the opportunity came along I jumped on it. I saw he was listed as a player to caddy for in this charity golf tournament, so I placed a bid, and an hour later decided to pay the full price for the privilege. I was living in New York and the tournament was at Rivera Country Club in L.A., so we made a weeks vacation of it.

Back to the tournament

After Chatting a bit with him and a little more warm up where he hit some more drives, I picked up the 50 lb. bag and we were off to the first tee. Once there I could feel the money, professionalism and a sense of the upper 1% that I had never felt before.

These professional golfers didn’t shop at Target or Walmart or even Macy’s for their cloths. They didn’t wear $50. shirts, they wore $500. shirts. But the thing is there cloths are made for them by their sponsors and given to them. How can the sponsors afford to do this plus pay them for wearing their cloths? Us!

We overpay for their cloths when we buy them. So much so that they can afford to pay these professional sports players millions of dollars to wear their cloths with their trademarks on them. Have you ever tried to buy a sweatshirt without a trademark on it? Almost impossible. Do you get paid for wearing their cloths?

Did you know that these professional golfers not only get paid for playing a particular golf ball but they also get all their golf balls for free? Same goes for the clubs, golf hats and so on.

Do you realize yet who pays for all of this for them. WE DO! We pay so much more than the products accually cost, which gives all of these companies the money to pay out to all these sports figures. We pay for the tickets to see them play, we overpay for all the merchandise, we pay for their lifestyle.

The training and repair trailers

On Wednesday morning, the day before the tournament, I arrived early with Russ Holden, former caddy for Bernhard Langer who arranges all these charity golf events. We took a tour around the whole course, showed how their yardage markers were read, (they had 3 measurements on each)  and a tour of the trailers.

These trailers, not open to the public, (even though you pay for them), have emergency golf club repair shops, exercise trailers, therapy trailers so golfer could get a massage or physical therapy, and more. They are at every golf tournament, parked close by but out of the way.

We then went into the clubhouse for a free lunch, (thank you), and then I was free to go with my yardage book and walk the course and make my own notations as to where trouble was, contour of the greens, etc.

While doing that I got to meet some really nice golfers like Bubba, Freddy Couples, Jordan and so many more that were out there playing a practice round. I was told by Russ the next morning that some of them mentioned me that I was taking this very serious and were impressed. What was so nice is that the course was closed to the public that day, so it was me, the players and their caddies.

Back to the tournament

I won’t go over every hole that was played other than mention that we had such a good time. Jordan is one of the nicest guys I have ever met in my life. We had laughs, made some side bets and just had a hell of a time.

After the round, we went back to the putting green for some more practice. Jordan signed a golf ball for me, my caddy bib which is hanging on my wall, and as a thank you to him I gave him a magazine about the 1986 U.S. open at Shinnecock Hills on Long Island N.Y. where Raymond Floyd won and he and 20 other pros had signed, for his trophy room.

This was one of the best highlights of my life in more ways than one. At that point in my life I had given up golf because of a casting problem I could not work out. At that point, I had not played golf in 2 years.

After my time with Jordan and his kind and thoughtful words of wisdom, I started playing again and am now a 6.7 handicap player and getting better. I have him to thank for it.

What does deception have to do with this?

No professional sports figure would have a job if it wasn’t for us. WE PAY FOR EVERYTHING! Sports teams do not have a printing press in the back room. They would have no money if it wasn’t for us.

People cheer when a good baseball or football player gets picked up by our favorite team and think its great that they pay him 20 million over 4 years. “He’s worth it” people say.

Guess who is going to pay him that 20 million? YOU! You will pay higher ticket prices, $12.00 for a beer instead of $11.00, $6.00 for some French fries instead of $5.00. Sponsors that put the money up will charge us more for their merchandise. WE WILL PAY FOR IT ALL!

How did we become so comfortable with all of this?

Its all a part of conditioning that has been done to us over long periods of time. We have become so used to it we don’t give it a second thought.

I hate labels but do you realize that the middle and lower class pay for the upper classes life. What would happen to any ball team if we all decided not to go to any games? That team is gone.

As I mentioned in another post, “the patriots buy 2 – 767 jets” was the headline. But it was us the people that bought them the 2 jets. Through our over priced tickets, over priced merchandise and the over priced food concessions.

The tournament that week had a purse of 6.8 million and the sponsor was Northern Trust. Glad I am not with them because its obvious they overcharge their customers if they can give that kind of money away.

Just look at the FedEx cup, prize money is $10 million dollars to the winner. Do you think your overpaying to ship your packages? You bet your A__ you are. We overpay for everything!

Update 2/01/18 I’m watching the Waste Management Open, The bleachers on the 16th hole started being built in October 2017 and will be taken down and recycled. Guess who paid for that Hugh encircling bleachers? The fans that bought the tickets.

Why did I write this on my site for building an online business?

Because the same deceptions are everywhere. Building an online business is NOT easy, it CANNOT happen overnight and it CANNOT be done for free.

I’ve even seen a GoDaddy commercial saying you can create a beautiful website in 30 minutes with them. Now, you may be able to buy a domain name and have it hosted in 30 minutes, but its an empty website with no pages, no content and producing nothing. But that’s not how they make it sound.

All the ad’s you see for cheap domain names or cheap hosting are all there to get their hooks in you. Then you find out the truth, and pay a little more for this and a little more for that. Then you find out you need ____, and you have to pay out more.

Your not going to see profits next week or next month. You need to understand this before starting on your journey. Having an online income producing business will take time, patience and determination, but if you stick to it and keep moving ahead, it can be well worth it.

Read my post on the Harsh truth of starting an online business. You will also see there my #1 recommended website host and why its more than that. Its a university of educational training, active live chat 24/7 and so much more.

I Hope you enjoyed this post and more importantly, I hope it opened your eyes to more of the
deceptions all around us and part of our everyday lives.

Please leave a comment if you have a minute,
Thanks    Doug


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