How to Start Your Online Business

A Step by Step Guide

Finishing touches on your site

Make sure to go through my 12 point checklist at the bottom

Other Information for your Business

If you selling your own products, your going to need a few more things. You’ll need a shopping cart on your site. Shopping carts are available from a lot of sites. Most of the shopping carts are provided by the sites that offer a payment method. 

PayPal is the most trusted online payment center and they offer a shopping cart as well. I have added PayPal to some of my other sites because its been my experience with any other payment package, people seem to hesitate even though its secure. Also, I had to get an outside source for a shopping cart. At PayPal they have both. 

Shipping Materials

If your store is selling your own products, you’ll need some shipping materials. Boxes, bubble wrap, Styrofoam pellets, tape, labels, scale, etc. You may want to get some small plastic zip lock bags if your shipping any loose hardware. 

When I was shipping my own products I used a company called Uline. They seem to have everything you’d need and the prices were good. I have no affiliation with them, just a suggestion.

Search around and get the best prices. Boxes are going to be the biggest cost. Make sure your figuring this in to the price of your products. Whatever your selling, find the most common size box you’ll be using and get some prices. 


There are many package shippers, to find the best price get the most common size box you’ll use, put your product in it and weigh it. Check with the major shippers about setting up an account and what their charge would be for a box that size and weight. I find its the only way to narrow down the best price

I find that keeping the shipping charges at cost will go a long way with your customers.  You may even want to have a “free shipping on orders over $25.00” banner. You will have to decide that and your minimum for free shipping would be if you decide to offer it. Remember to keep this in mind when creating your prices on what your selling.

Your social media icon’s

You want to add all your social media icon’s to your site. This is done through a plugin that will be available from your hosting site. Choose the icon’s you want, where to place them and your set. 

Make sure to also set up all your social media sites. The most recommended are Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

Get your email marketing campaign set up

You’ll also want to start your email marketing. Of course I use AWeber and its the only one I would recommend. But there are others like, Get Response,  Constant contact, Active Campaign, etc. I use AWeber because I can get my sign-up forms there and its directly linked to my email auto responder account.

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Once you have your sign-up form on your site, you want to write at least 2-3 emails to use as your responder. Thant will give you a few days to get your site going. Once you have 1 sign-up, make sure to go back and finish all your emails for your auto-responder and that campaign.

 A Final Checklist





Before you decide to tell your friends
and maybe do some posting on your Facebook page, your going to want to check every page of your site and make sure everything is in the right place and working right.

Go into your “view your site” area on your hosting platform, go to your home page and check the following:

  1. All images in the right place
  2. If links are attached to those images, make sure there active
  3. Make sure links you placed in your content are working
  4. Any links along the sides for additional pages are active
  5. Affiliate links, make sure they are directing your visitor to the right page
  6. Check the page links across the top of the page, go to each page and check the same as above
  7. Is your privacy page correct? Most sites have a stock copy you use but have to insert your site name
  8. Make sure your post, comment, email links all working
  9. Check all your social media links
  10. Make sure your meta titles and descriptions are installed
  11. All your keywords installed in the right area
  12. Check all your spelling

Remember, you want to make a good first impression with your Website. You want your visitors to feel comfortable and spend some time on your site. The more time they spend on your site, the more likely they will take action, (purchase). 

I hope you found this informative and all the best to you and your Business.

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