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Free keywords tool

Free Keyword sign ups are limited as to the amount of searches you can perform. It is a great way to research what they have to offer, the quality of the keywords and the operation of the site.

My #1 pick is for many reasons

I enjoy searching keywords. There are many different aspects of keywords that people don’t understand. To search one word or phrase and get good solid information and stats for that word is valuable to me, and should be for you. But not all keyword search platforms are the same. Not by a long shot.

Extremely important: You are going to spend a good amount of time searching keywords. Your websites success is going to depend on good, solid, accurate information. This is one area you don’t want to skimp on. 

Starter program = free ( free sign up, 30 searches free)
Jaaxy pro = $19.00/mo, $199.00/yr
Jaaxy enterprise = $49.00/mo, $499.00/yr

 Beware of some of the other keyword search tools

In the past I have used some free and some paid keyword search tools and although some were fairly good, others were providing me with complete fluff. What I mean by this, is there was no data to back up their #’s. They were “guestimates” because there was no real way for them to gather all that information.

When looking for a keyword tool,
the following should be a red flag sign:

  • Buy before you try – if you have to spend money before you see it in use, its probably not worth the money.
  • You have to download it – sign of a low grade search tool
  • Anything that gives guestimates – ppc or other #’s
  • Pulls information from selective search engines – you want them all

Some of todays keyword tools are different. They have the ability to search the globe in a second to find the words, know if their being used and by how many sites. Its takes that data and runs it through a matrix and gives you rankings.

Your business and livelihood in some cases are going to depend on accurate, detailed and solid numbers on your keywords. If the numbers you get on a particular keyword are based on some guesses, you will be targeting words that may have no search results at all.

Enter Jaaxy

When I am searching keywords, there are 4 bits of information called Metrics that are very important to me and my business.

  • The amount of searches for a particular word or phrase
  • How much traffic does the word or phrase get
  • What are the competition numbers
  • Is the phrase or word grammatically correct

The last one on my list is just based on common sense, but the other metric numbers you get are accurately gathered by Jaaxy constantly from the world wide web. They are the numbers on searches monthly, the click through rates,(traffic) and the amount of competing websites. These are the numbers you should be most interested in.


Lets take a look at a search

At the top you’ll see I entered “start an online business with no money”. Below it are the variation of that phrase. The screen shot is a partial list of the results, but I wanted to explain the numbers.

  • AVG: is the number of searches that phrase gets per month
  • Traffic: is the amount of “click through” or visitors that phrase gets
  • QSR: is the number of competing websites that use that phrase
  • KQI: is a quality indicator (green great, yellow ok, red poor)
  • SEO: is a score based on traffic and completion (0-100)

To me its an easy and exciting way to get keywords that I can target on my site. I use the search for page titles and content ideas on my sites. You can read about the importance of page titles here.

I use keyword searches for my domain names, page titles and all my content

No matter what your niche is, you can find endless keywords for that niche. As an example that I have used on my site, someone looking to sell wooden bird houses they build. Some of the searches could be:

  • wooden bird house
  • wooden bird houses
  • painted wooden bird houses
  • cheap wooden bird houses
  • wooden bird house kits

Here is a search result of “wooden bird houses”.
There were pages of results.

Now on to the good stuff, Free keyword search tool.
Try it for free below!


When you start using a keyword search engine, you will find so many different ways you can search the same niche. The different ways that keyword phrases can be plugged in, all the results you get will give you more ideas. 

Low hanging fruit is keywords or phrases that has around 50 searches a month but very low competition. For example, in the first search, “start an online business with no money” you have 2 good “low hanging fruit” keyword phrases. 

The top one gets 24 searches per month with only 5 competing websites and the last one gets 32 searches a month with only 2 competing sites. On each of these, if you used them, you would be on the first page of the search results.

You are investing time and money into your online business, make sure it is time well spent. Use the right tool to be sure your getting good, accurate and up to the moment data.  

Scratching the surface

So far we have only talked about keyword searches and the ranking. But Jaaxy can do so much more:

  • find affiliate programs
  • brainstorm or “finding a niche” 
  • google rankings
  • check your competing websites
  • check domain name availability
  • its own affiliate program

Once you join, whether its the free sign up or a paid member, you’ll find that it is so much more than a keyword search platform. It will benefit your online business in so many ways. 

Choose the keyword plan that is right for you here

All my best to your success, 


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  1. Rayder says:

    Awesome page!
    I have to say, Jaaxy is probably one of the best keyword search tool out there. After trying other free keywords I simply was not satisfied until I ran into Jaaxy. Free keywords tools are great but the membership for Jaaxy is a total no-brainer investment. If you are serious about SEO and getting your website ranked, then you need to invest in Jaaxy.
    Thanks for the full review on Keyword tools!

    • Douglas Schmitz says:


      What you said is so true. I have also belonged to many keyword search platforms through my journey with online businesses. I have found no other tool like Jaaxy. And if it wasn’t good enough, they just updated it and added so many features. Brainstorm, google rankings and checking out your competition to name a few. All things that other search tools don’t have.

      To gain a real edge on the competition you need the best search tool available and Jaaxy is it.

      All my best to your success,


  2. Jacob Schilling says:

    Jaaxy is a really good keyword tool. I have a lot of experience with it. Do you have any experience using other keyword tools? How do they compare to Jaaxy in your opinion? I have used Semrush, but it is quite different than Jaaxy because Semrush is more focused on finding keywords for you based on if you can rank for them, not based on competition. I really like to use both of these keyword tools.

    • Douglas Schmitz says:


      I have used many keyword tools in the past, but have been using Jaaxy for a while now and can’t remember the other anymore.

      Jaaxy has so many features that I see no need to go anyplace else. Now that its a part of my website host, wealthy affiliate, its a win – win for anyone that uses wealthy affiliate for their host.

      Thanks for your comment, and all my best,  Doug

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