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Godaddy vs Wealthy Affiliate review – Price vs Value

Go Daddy vs. Wealthy Affiliate review

Often, it can seem like creating a website is either a walk in the park or a ‘tear your hair out’ challenge. Much of this can be attributed to the tools you’re working with, because simple website builders and basic hosting services are everywhere.

While it’s true that constructing a website from scratch is quite a complex process, these resources allow the tricky stuff to be streamlined, stripped back, and automated.

The question is, which website builders offer the most satisfying experience? What features should be a top priority? Is it better to opt for a big, recognizable name or look for website hosts with a smaller reputation and bigger perks?

To help you unravel these mysterious, we’re going to take a closer look at two of the most popular platforms around; Wealthy Affiliate and GoDaddy.

Getting to Grips with the Basics

GoDaddy is designed to be a complete toolbox. If you’re lacking experience of web development, it is worth a look. This comprehensive tool kit caters to individuals and businesses trying to create profitable platforms.

GoDaddy is actually the largest domain name registrar on the planet. The number of paying users now totals thirteen million.

Wealthy Affiliate is a little different. It offers a sophisticated web building service, just like GoDaddy. However, its resources are backed up by an official education program.

The associated Wealthy Affiliate University trains members in digital marketing, with the aim of developing a new generation of content creators, promoters, and designers.

WordPress Web Hosting

It’s true that GoDaddy offers a full line up of hosting options, including shared web, VPS, and dedicated options. However, we’re only going to look at its WordPress hosting. There are four tiers of Linux based, fully managed hosting. They come with, literally, thousands of plug ins, templates, and themes.

As you can see above, to get the most tools with GoDaddy,
their regular price is $24.99/mo.

Building a website is a matter of picking your pieces and assembling them into a coherent representation of your brand. GoDaddy also provides automatic software updates and a nightly backup service.

The cheapest plan ($7.99) offers one domain and 10GB of SSD storage. The priciest ($24.99) increases this to 50GB of storage and a five domain limit.

The WordPress builder from Wealthy Affiliate is available to anybody with a premium membership. It costs $29.00/mo if you go yearly, and the perks are substantial. You can host up to 50 domains for the same price. 

For this price, all tools and services are unlocked. Unlike GoDaddy, Wealthy Affiliate places no cap on the number of WordPress platforms that users can create and host.

Though the cost is slightly above that of GoDaddy, it’s rare for website hosts to offer unlimited domains. This is an appealing feature and it could save you money in the long term.

Plus, any or all of your WordPress domains can have their own email account. The email accounts are included, see the list below.

The real cost of domains

SEO Tools and Services

Wealthy Affiliate is easily one of the best website building hosts on the market when it comes to creating fully optimized, search engine friendly platforms. Don’t forget that the website builder is just one part of a much bigger teaching program that aims to help people become proficient marketers, designers, and developers.

It should be no surprise then that Wealthy Affiliate provides a long list of additional SEO based tools. We’re talking about things like RapidWriter, which keyword density as you compose blogs, articles, and web pages.

There’s also the integrated keyword search system that offers keyword suggestions and finds data on keyword traffic, competition, PPC power, and more.

GoDaddy also offers a comprehensive range of SEO tools. It isn’t as complete or thorough as that of Wealthy Affiliate University, but it can be very valuable for those who are new to website building and content marketing.

The big gripe is that you have to pay an extra charge, per month, for the privilege of using the GoDaddy SEO plan.

It may only be $2.96 per month – a trifling sum – but the truth is that Wealthy Affiliate is the better option in this regard. You get a lot more for your money and this includes access to a robust support network of experts and online marketing consultants.

A BIG plus for Wealthy Affiliate

Unlike GoDaddy, Wealthy Affiliate offers a free start up program for anyone. You can sign up for free and get 2 websites and hosting FREE. [Read More]

There are a few sites that will offer a free website, but you have to pay for the hosting, which kind of makes the Free part sound like a scam.


                                Wealthy Affiliate                GoDaddy
Domain names:       $13.99/yr                              $44.98/yr
Hosting:                   $29.95/mo                             $27.95/mo (w/SEO)
WordPress:              Yes                                        Yes
Amount of domains:  up to 50                                5
Cost per year:           $372.99                                $380.38
Training:                    Endless                                Limited 

The prices above, cost per year, Are based on going for the yearly plan. If your serious about building your website and creating a successful online business, then commit to the yearly for the best price. 

Both hosting platforms have been around a long time. Both can offer you a good set of tools to build your site, thousands of templets, etc. 

But if you need training, if you want help, a bubbling live chatroom 24/7, more training modules than you can ever get through and entrepreneur’s that have been down the road your going and are eager to help, then I would have to say wealthy affiliate should be your choice.

Read more about GoDaddy here

Read more about Wealthy Affiliate here 

I hope this was helpful and I wish you all the best to your success

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