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Hire Writers Reviews with pro’s and con’s

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When looking for writers to hire to create content for your website or blog post, your looking for that right balance of cost and quality. HireWriters is one of many content writers available to everyone. In my HireWriters reviews with pro’s and con’s, we will look at the balancing act of getting quality content, and keeping the cost under control.

The quality of content you get from almost all content writers is not something you can copy and paste into your site without going over it and doing some edits.

If I hire a content writer, I always spend a hour or so editing the article to my style. No one can completely know how you write, what’s important to include, the sound and tone of the content that you want to convey.

You have to know this in advance that whoever you hire to write content for you, will not totally know your perspective. You will need to edit what you receive but it is a HUGH time saver.

Your Dashboard

The screen shot above is your dashboard after signing in. This is where you order content, download completed projects, you can search for writers, read about their credentials, add money to your account through CC or PayPal and more.

It is a very easy to navigate and understand. Sometimes the writer may have a question or need some clarification on something and they will send you a message. This is where you would find your message and answer it.

Ordering Content

When ordering content, you will fill out this form. The project description is what your article is about. I usually use the page title I have created. The article category has a list of 37 different categories.

The length of the article can be 150-300 words, (301-500), (501-700), (701-1,000), (1,001-2,000), (2,001-3,000 words). Of course the length will have an effect on the cost. My most common length is 700-1,000 words professionally done and usually costs me around $10.00.

Next you have the language, the writers time limit which ranges from 6 hours to 10 days. The 6 hour cost is extra but 12 hours and up are for the same low regular price. For the writers skill level, I have always used the skilled writer or the 3rd option.

Under that section is where you would put in your keywords that you have searched and this way they will insert them into the article.

Your special instructions

The special instructions area is where you explain to the writer how you want this article written. I use them mostly for reviews and can add if I want it to sound positive, negative, middle of the road, whatever the tone is that I want. If its a review, do you want pro’s and con’s added.

Once the article is done, you can review it, ask for a re-write or a revision to be made before you accept the article. As you can see above I have a 100% approval rating. I did have one article revised but it was minor. I know I will have to edit the article, review or whatever I am hiring them for. But the time savings for the price is a big positive for me.

Price – Time – Value

I am busy building and working on several websites. I write a lot of content myself, but have so many reviews and information I want to add to my sites that hiring someone to get the majority of the work done saves me a lot of time.

No writer is going to be able to write an article or review exactly to your liking. As long as you know this and understand that you will have to edit what they write, it is still a Hugh time savings to me and will be for you.

If I can get an 800 word review done for me while I am working on something else, it is of value. For around $10.00 I get a page of information that I add graphic’s to, edit some of the text and can post it within a hour or so of getting it.

Posting regularly to google+ and fetching it through google will help get your rankings moving up quicker. Some people say they post once a day, I average 3 times a week. New content regularly is good for your site and for your potential customers.

Cheap entry prices
Choose writer, time limit, article length
Review and revise before acceptance

Need to edit (as with any hired writer)
Expert writers can get costly

As with any content whether you hire a writer or you write the content entirely yourself, you will be going over it from time to time. Adding new up-dated information, cleaning up the wording and making it more informative.

No content you or someone else writes for you is perfect, You will constantly be working on it. As you add more pages you may want to link some articles together from one page to another.

But as far as a cost to value ratio, I think Hire Writers is among the top.


I hope you found this information useful and informative. 
All my best to your success,

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  1. mercy says:

    I am Mercy, a freelance articles writer and I have previously won an award for being the best blogger. I recently started writing for the leading Newspaper in my country. I would like to be writing articles for you at a very fair rate as well as deliver quality articles, free from plagiarism and timely as well.
    I look forward to hearing from you and working with you thereafter.
    My email adress is
    Best Regards,

    • Mercy,
      I appreciate your offer and wish you all the success with your new business. I write all my own posts and have done so for a long time.
      Not that I am opposed to having someone write posts, I just feel I want all my information to come from me. I do a lot of research and it takes time, but writing my own post is rewarding to me.
      Thanks again and I wish you all the best, Doug

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