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HostGator Review – the pro’s and con’s

CEO: Hari Ravichandran of EIG – Red Flag
Domains: $12.95/yr for .com
Hosting: $6.99/mo regularly
Overall Ranking: 62  (out of 100)
Designed for: Newbie – Professional

At the time of writing this Hostgator had a special of
$3.95 a month for hosting first year

HostGator has been around for a while now and has a middle of the road reputation. Although it has a high opinion by some of its users, it also has been reported that its load time (TTFB) and pricing practices have been questioned. In this HostGator review, we will try to look deeper and find out the truth.

HostGator has been around since 2002 and was originally founded by Brent Oxley. It was bought by EIG (endurance international group) in 2012. EIG owns a list of other hosting sites as well. Their uptime has been getting better, hitting 99% in 2016 and still on that trend this year.


As far as the domain name pricing, They are in line with most of the other domain registrar’s. Some of the new (.extensions) like .site are fairly cheep, but I have seen cheaper. I have not seen any specials this year at all on buying domain names.

Free domain name search Here


I must point out that these are not WordPress websites

Please take note: that these are the first year special prices. The discount off the regular prices are listed above. With each hosting plan you do get some free stuff.

$100.00  google AdWords credit (after you spend $25.00 on Google AdWords)
$100.00 in Yahoo or Bing Credits (This offer is not available to Windows hosting, Optimized WordPress, Resellers, VPS or Dedicated Server clients.)
52 Free scripts that you can install
Free HostGator website builder

We can’t review HostGator without mentioning its tricky prices. The provider is great at letting users compare different plans, but there just too many unpleasant surprises for frustration not to kick in. For example, many of the lowest prices are only available with long-term (+3 years) contracts. However, this isn’t always made clear before you start to check out.

We were also very perturbed to find that extras had been added to our basket without permission. SiteLock malware was slipped into the cart, and it bumped up the total cost by almost $40.

This is something that we strongly advise you to keep an eye on. More than anything else, it is this relentless cost pushing that really brings HostGator down.

Now to the WordPress sites

On the starter plan take note it is good only for 1 website. Standard is for 2 websites and the better plan is good for 3 sites.

Also take note that there is a cap on visits per month and your backup storage. It is important to realize that this is a special price for the first year. The amount of the discounts are listed on the top of each plan.

Now to the dedicated Hosting plans

HostGator offers dedicated servers for both Linux and Windows, which isn’t as easy to find as you might expect. It’s even more unusual to find a web host that can do both in a satisfactory manner.

With that being said, much of the promised ‘customer support’ is actually provided in the form of user generated content. As such, the information is slow and often inaccurate.

These plans are for those that have large multiple websites. If your just starting out, you will not be needing this but I wanted to show you that they are available. Also take note that these prices are specials for the first year.

A screen shot of HostGators TTFB or time till first byte Load time

There’s no denying that HostGator is an accomplished web host with a great service. In fact, it’s hard to find a comparable deal in terms of sheer capacity. Although, it’s worth mentioning that its TTFB rate is surprisingly low for such a popular vendor.

Summery of customer reviews
Scott says: Avoid at all costs
Jonah said: Been a member for 5 yrs and am fairly satisfied
Sophie said: They won’t let me cancel, have to call and get a runaround
Charlie said: Awful tech support, 3 hours of wait time
Rick said: Horrible customer service, canceled his account for using too much bandwidth
TT said: Horrible service and response, email not working
Mike said: Stay away. Websites are slow, terrible support, can’t cancel


As with most (not all) sites, there are people that like working with their hosting site, and those that hate it. After reading a LOT of reviews, its hard to find pro’s of this site.

Their pricing seems to be fine and in line with others, but there support and service seems to be in the trash. I would give them 34% pro and 66% con.

1. Reasonable prices for domains
2. Hosting costs are in line
3. 45 Day money back guarantee
4. Quick transfer of domains
5. Good for small sites

1. To many limits (caps) on domains, storage, etc.
2. Support and customer service is horrible
3. Slow load speed
4. Feels like your on your own
5. Difficult to cancel

Designed for: Newbie’s to pro’s but it seems the more knowledgeable you are, you would avoid it 

Support: Seems to be non-existent from all the 50+ reviews I have read

My Opinion: There are cheaper places to buy a domain name. Their up time seems to be the biggest plus for them, but without support I wouldn’t consider them.

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Hope this was helpful to your decision making.
All my best to your success


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