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How to build an Affiliate website

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How to build an Affiliate website

What your going to need to build an affiliate website

You need to define your niche. What is it your thinking of selling? Are you passionate about it? Your going to be writing a lot of content, articles and reviews about this niche and related products, make sure your not going to get bored or discouraged. Lets get into how to build an affiliate website using your niche. 

It has to be a focused niche. If your thinking coffee makers, good direction but not focused enough. 1 cup coffee makers is getting focused. There are many types, makes, models and brands of them so maybe choose a particular brand.

One cup espresso makers, now that is a focused niche. You may choose to focus on a particular brand that is going to be releasing a new improved machine. Now you can write reviews of the one your promoting against a different brand. Reviews are big in affiliate marketing. A review outline is below.

Do you have a Strong WHY?

Why do you want to start an online business. People have many reasons, children’s college education, a vacation home, new car, better life, escape the 9-5 rat race, etc..

Whatever your reason it has to be strong. You will get discouraged along the way and think about giving up. You need a picture of your why and keep it posted by your work space.

When you feel discouraged, (and you will) take a good hard look at your why and get back to work. 

Building an online business takes time, patience and determination. It can be 4-6 months or more of building your online business and not see any activity. Make sure you understand this before you start. Don’t be one of those that quit and then looks back a year later and thinks, “I wonder where I would be if I kept going”?

You will need to create your domain name. Your name should relate to what your site is all about. It will be your identity online BUT it is not going to be as important as your page titles. I have a page on choosing your domain name. [Read More]

Creating your domain name is going to be your first financial decision. I have a reviews on the top website hosting platforms.
[ Wealthy Affiliate ] [ GoDaddy ] [1and1 ] [BlueHost] [iPage] [FatCow]
namecheep ] [ HostGator ] [Website Builder] [] [JustHost]

If you have no money but you want to start your
online affiliate business, it can be done here.

Once you have that done…

Now you have to add some pages to your site and start writing some content. It usually at this point people get a little panicky wondering what kind of pages they can build. Don’t worry, once you let your mind wonder about your idea (niche), you will come up with a lot of page ideas.

The most important part of a page is the title. Think of a previous search you did for something on line. When you see the listed results of your search, the headers (top lines) of those results, are page titles and not the website name. Take a look at the image below, the blue underlined headers are page titles. The website (domain) names are in green

   Lets build some pages to sell a new coffee maker

The niche (idea) here is a one cup espresso maker. That is your niche and you already have your domain name and its hosted. Your a coffee lover, and a new single cup espresso coffee maker has just come out and you want to build an affiliate site to sell them.

So you:
1. Have your niche (sell coffee makers)
2. Have your domain name (website name)
3. Have your site hosted (read the reviews unless using the free offer here)

Now to the pages I’m just going to brainstorm here:

1. Home page (landing page)
2. Privacy page (provided by hosting site)
3. About me page (give your site personality)
4. Review pages (4 or 5 pages, maybe more)
5. #1 recommended page (page dedicated to the coffee maker your promoting)
6. Top coffee picks page (2/3 pages to sell the coffee to use in the coffee maker)
7. Coffee cup page (cups and mugs, travel mugs, thermos, etc.)
8. Visitor interactive page (where your visitors can exchange ideas of coffee’s)
9. Recipe’s page (1/2 pages of Hot and cold coffee recipe’s)

Within 5 minutes of writing here, we have come up with a total of 16 pages already and you can add to that maybe selling some regular coffee makers, cappuccino makers, etc. Everything you want to sell should have a review page or comparison page. You will find more and more page ideas will pop into your head as you go along.

Each page idea should be searched with a keyword search platform. You want your page title to be grammatically correct and include a keyword or keyword phrase. Whatever keyword you use, you want to include it in the first paragraph of your content on that page. Better for ratings.

When you write reviews on products, there are certain things you need to have. I have a list I put together on the most important parts of a review.

  • Product name – self explanatory
  • Website – Provide the name
  • owners – Their names and how long in business
  • price – You want to provide the best price here with a link to your affiliate
  • overall ranking –  Based on your review (0-100)
  • General overview – 2-3 paragraphs about the product, Feature/function/benifits
  • Pro’s – Con’s – 4/5 of each or mostly Pro’s
  • Who is product for
  • Who would benefit
  • Competitive product * see below
  • My opinion – your take on how you personally feel about the product.

If your doing a comparison review, include about the same information on that product as well. You also want to include a link for someone to buy that competitive product in case they want it instead of what your promoting. Don’t leave money on the table as they say.

When your going to write a review, before you name the page (title it), make sure you do keyword searches to find out what would be the best page title for that review. You want a title that is being searched for in google and Bing.  

The content you write on each of these pages, should be informative, helpful and interesting to your visitor. Make sure you read “know your customer” (there are 2 parts to that) which will help you in writing the content on your pages.

Write your content like your standing right in front of your visitor speaking to them. Don’t try to be perfect the first time your writing, you will be going over it many times and fine tuning it. 

The links below are where you can sign up for affiliate programs. I am not affiliated with any of them even though I do belong to a few. You will also want to sign up to some direct affiliate programs, (the image below) like Amazon. Amazon has one of the best affiliate programs available.  

(1) Commission Junction
(2) Affiliate Window
(3) Clickbank
(4) ShareASale
(5) LinkShare

To join Amazon as an affiliate, go to the bottom of any Amazon search page and there you will see the following. The second box is to join as an affiliate. The top one is if you’d like to sell your own products on Amazon with a sellers central account

Understand the use of internal and external links. Your going to using external links to sell your products your promoting and they should not be on every page. Most of your external links should be on your review pages.

I’m not saying you can’t have external links on a lot or all your pages, but they should be limited. Read through my information on links so you’ll understand how search engines rate them. 

Your going to need some final tests for your site. Make sure all your links (internal and external) are working properly. Any prices your quoting are up to date and accurate. [Read More

Make sure the comment sections on each page are active and working right. You want interaction on your site, its good for the SEO’s and you also want to know what your visitors are thinking. Answer any questions they might have right away.

There are full details of every step you need to take while building a website of any kind on my site. The pages listed along the top and the right side should give you more than enough details about building your new Affiliate website.

I hope this information was useful,
I wish you all the best to your success


PS: Please leave a comment if you have a minute….Thanks  


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