How to Start Your Online Business

A Step by Step Guide

How to start a business with no money

Before you jump in, make sure you have a good focused niche
and some idea of what you want your Domain name to be

The real cost of any online business is buying the domain name and having your site hosted. There is of course your time, so keep track of it, but it is not an out of pocket expense. But if your asking how to start a business with no money, there is a way.  

There is one website hosting platform and domain registrar that does offer a free sign up and 2 free websites. They are fully functional WordPress websites free to do with as you please.

Please understand… It takes time, patience and some determination
to create a successful online business

You can check the idea you have for your domain name just below, but I must stress that there are steps to building a successful and income producing site. The outline for those steps are below. I suggest you follow each [Read More] link for each step to understand the details. 

Here is the free sign-up and free Website offer

Now before you run off and get your Free site’s,
There is more important
information you will need

Your first step for any business venture is putting down on paper a business plan. Whether you have money to use or you want to start a business with no money, you still need to have a plan. Even having a barbeque takes some planning, so why wouldn’t you make a plan for something important as a business venture? [ Read More ]

You will have to choose your niche, (idea) of what you want your business to be. There are 2 roads here. One is if you are building your own products and want to have a site to sell them. The second is if you want to build an affiliate site to sell other peoples goods. Affiliate site are the most common on line today, but you have to have a focused niche to be successful. [ Read More

90% of all new online business fail!
Find out why here

You have to develop a business name, (domain name) for your business. You would do this using a keyword tool. There are some free keyword tool suggestion sites available, one of which comes with the free sign-up I mentioned before. This along with some google searches will give you some good ideas for a name. [ Read More ]

Researching your name and website host. This is where the Free opportunity come in, located at the top or bottom of this page. When your checking if the name you choose is available, it will be done on a website hosting platform. It is where your site will be registered and since it’s free, you will have it hosted there as well. 

“The most valuable commodity I know of is Information”
Quote from the movie Wall Street 

Information is what Wealthy Affiliate is all about . In fact there is a training
called “Affiliate Bootcamp” to get you off to a quick start.

 Creating pages with informative content is KING with the SEO’s, (search engine optimization). I cannot stress enough how important your page titles and the content you fill those pages with is. When you do a search with google or Bing, the headers of the results you see listed are page titles. That title along with the written content on the page is what the SEO’s scour through on a daily basis to rank your site. [ Read More ]

Your keyword and keyword phrases that you need for the SEO’s, are used a lot during the building of your site. You should be doing keyword searches as you are deciding the titles of your pages, and while writing your content on each page. [ Read More ]

Internal and External links, their use and placement is also very important to SEO’s and your rankings. Internal links are liked (not loved) by the SEO’s, but your external links can slow down the rate of your ranking increasing. You have to be careful not to overload external links on your site. [ Read More

The finishing touches on your site, such things as maybe a shopping cart, a PayPal account, adding Face Book or other social links are all part of getting your site ready for business. You have to go through a check list to make sure everything is working properly. [ Read More ]

With your FREE sign-up, you will get training as well

Here are a few reviews of other members going through the training
Take note 2 of them are the Free members

Get your 2 free websites with hosting below

Hope this was informative and hope to see you at WA 

All my best to your success.

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  1. Carol says:

    The fact that you can start a business online with 2 free websites is a big deal for me. I don’t think there is another offer like this anywhere on the web, plus a step by step guide. This is exactly what I need. Thank you for posting this article.

    • Douglas Schmitz says:


      I’m so pleased that you found what your looking for at my site. It is a great offer and they are they only ones on the web that I know of that offer it.

      I built my step by step guide so people looking to build an online business, know what it takes to make it successful.

      Thanks for visiting my site and all my best to your success. 


  2. Neil says:

    A lot of people these days talk about making money with no money required. It’s nice to see someone talk immediately about the costs involved and then provide a solution that can be truly free. Upgrades aren’t necessary but can help when you’re ready to take that step. This is a compelling option for someone looking to build a slow and steady business. Thank you for posting this.

    • Neil,
      Glad you had the time to visit my site and found it informative. I found it hard to believe at first that there was an option on the internet to try something for free. As soon as I found it, I felt I had to tell anyone interested in starting an online business for free about it.
      Glad to be of help and if you have any other question, just let me know.
      Happy 4th and all my best to your success.

  3. Kevin Bulmer says:

    Good stuff! Your headline will make a lot of people say, “Yeah, right.” But your article answers the questions. Good job! I hope many people take your advice, start their own business and empower themselves in their own journey.

    • Kevin,
      Thanks for visiting my site. When I realized what a great opportunity it was for anyone wanting to start an online business with no money, I had to put it out there for them.
      The information is priceless at wealthy affiliate, and to top it off its a free offer.
      Thanks again for stopping by, all me best to your success.

  4. Hello Doug

    Similar to what Kevin Bulmer said, people are not used to seeing ways to make money online for $0 so this will come as a great shock and most importantly, a big relief!

    The content you have provided here is immensely valuable… excellent work!

    If I was new to this and just starting out then I would have definitely been persuaded by your suggestion.

    Thanks =)

    • Lawrence,
      Thanks for your comment. I have been putting a lot of time in to give more and more information to anyone looking to start an online business. The free offer at Wealthy affiliate is unmatched by any other site.
      Glad you found what my site offers of good value. Once people see the enormous amount of training and information at wealthy affiliate, not to mention the community of helpful, likeminded people that help each other, they understand the value.
      Thanks again for visiting and your comment,

  5. Nathan says:

    Hi Douglas, thanks for this post it was very informative and clear. As someone who is at the point of monetising my website using the WA program I can say with experience that it truly is a brilliant way to get started and overcome that first hurdle of understanding how making money online works and then how to build your own website. I learnt so much in the free part of the coursed that it was an easy decision to sign up to pro and buy my own domain, the momentum was such that I found myself in a position to pursue my goal of becoming an online entrepreneur with confidence. Can I ask you how long it took you to start generating an income?
    Thanks again and all the best to you,

    • Douglas Schmitz says:


      It can take between 60-90 days to start generating income, which is what it was for me the first time out.

      I am currently working on my 3rd site, and each time it gets easier. I wouldn’t have been able to do all this without Wealthy Affiliate.

      I was doing online business for a while, but after all the training at WA, I saw things in a whole new light.

      Thanks for stopping by and for the comment,


  6. Warren says:

    Nice post, Doug. I really like your 10 reasons online businesses fail. I am probably guilty of at least 5 of them and I have have a couple neglected websites roaming around in cyberspace. Your assessment of proper planning is spot on. A lot of people plan a vacation like it’s a mission to Mars, but neglect any planning in their financial lives. Keep the plan in front of you and keep moving forward. Your writing link on content gets to the heart of it all: people want help, people want information. Give them good stuff and don’t waste their time. Thanks for the good reading. Warren

    • Douglas Schmitz says:


      Thank you for your comment. It is so true, give people information, be helpful and you will be successful. I wish there was a way for me to teach people to be patient. Its one of the only things you can’t teach anyone online.

      You do have to plan and people miss this right from  the start. If you make the plan, understanding all the while that its going to take some time, you will find success. 

      Thanks again and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. 

      All my best to your success, 


  7. Nico says:

    This is a nice article regarding doing online business and Wealthy Affiliate.

    Five years ago, I worked for an international bank as a relationship manager. I quit and started my own online business. How? I searched and found Wealthy Affiliate. I learned from zero and now, I am a housewife who earns 5K per month. The income keeps going up as time passes.

    Which part of Wealthy Affiliate you like most? I love their online training courses which teach me everything. Thanks.

    • Douglas Schmitz says:


      I think the most important part of being successful online is to keep moving forward and not get discouraged. Its in the first 90 days or so that people give up because they see no or very little results. Yet if you keep going it will pay off as you stated.

      Good for you to be at wealthy affiliate where you can start from knowing nothing to become good at building a site and marketing it.

      Thanks for the comment and visit, All my best to your future success.


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