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Namecheap Review -the pro’s and con’s

Founder: Richard Kirkendall
Headquarters: Los Angeles, CA
Overall Ranking: 70 (out of 100)
Designed for: Newbie – Professional

At the time of this post, has a sale of .48 cents,
but that is for a .bid site


Namecheap is known for its cheap names but those are for a “.bid” or other not that widely known (.dots). Not sure if they operate different from a .com, but to me it is for a bidding site similar to eBay.

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Overall they’re comparable to other sites, but there are some that get pricey. For example a .build site is $64.88, but overall their in the ballpark with other site that sell domain names. 

If you pay for a name for multiple years it can be slightly cheaper, but it doesn’t change the price all that much. To get these prices you must commit to the amount of years listed.


The Value plan $9.88 first year, (first column), is good for 3 websites, 20GB of storage, you also get 1 free .website Domain name. (renewal is $38.88 a year).

Professional plan is $19.88 first year, its good for 10 websites, 50GB of storage, you get 1 free .website domain name. (Renewal is $78.88 a year).

Ultimate plan is $29.88 a year, you get unlimited storage space, good for 50 websites, you get 1 .website domain name. (renewal is $129.88 a year).

Business SSD plan is $215.78 a year, 20GB of SSD(storage devise), 5000 GB os transfer storage, good for unlimited websites, 1 free .website domain name. Renewal is the same 2nd year, $215.78. The Business SSD plan is also much faster due to the SSD storage.

Take note: renewal prices are much higher for the second year and on for hosting. Also, these are not WordPress sites. You can download the WordPress platform to use to build your sites for $8.88 1st year. Renewal is $48.88/yr.

They have caps on domains, data storage, etc. If you have a site
with pictures and video’s, you’ll most likely hit an upgrade trigger.
Even the top plan has a disc space cap.

Website privacy, one of my pet peeve’s. If you don’t have your site set to private, your information can be accessed and you will get unending emails and phone calls from people willing to help you with your sites construction for a price of course. 

I forgot to do this once and was getting up to 8 calls a day, 10 emails a day all wanting to help me design, market and sell me all kinds of things for my site I didn’t need or want. 

Namecheap will give you the privacy for the first year free. From then it is $2.88 which is slightly cheaper than a site that would charge like GoDaddy. 

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A screen shot of namecheep TTFB or time till first byte.

Summery of customer reviews:
Ron said: It’s time to ditch namecheap, started fine now lost its goodness
Rishabh said: Worst support ever, don’t use as a server
Jason says: Cannot get access to my domains
Bob said: Very responsive, bought a domain, lost my email, but its back
Mark said: Without warning blocked my site because of # of visitors
Bill said: Worst hosting I have ever dealt with
Tim said: Great price, very poor service

1. Cheep to buy a Domain Name
2. 1 year of privacy free
3. Transparent with their plans and cost
4. 14 day money back guarantee

1. Renewal rate is dramatically higher
2. Limited disc space
3. Low server speed
4. Not WordPress (You can download it)

Designed For: First time buyers of Domain names. If your going to have a small (limited pages and pictures) site, it may be right for you.
Tools and Training:  Basic tools to build your site, limited training via a walk through video.

Support:  24/7 reviews state quick online support, no phone support.

My Opinion:  If your going to have a small site with limited pages, it may be good for you. Great to buy domains, but transferring them to another host can take time.

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Hope this was useful for you and all my best to your success.   

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