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Online business failure rate


According to many sources, more than 90% (Ninety percent) of all Internet business start-ups end in failure within the first 120 (one hundred twenty) days. And that number is all too accurate: NINETY PERCENT!

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail

The idea of working from home is so inviting and seems like a solution for a lot of people. Many of these people will just quit their jobs and jump into the first internet business they find. But they do no planning, do no research or studding. They have no knowledge of what their getting into, no preparation and therefor no hope of success.  

Failure is their only path and they are unaware of it

 This alarming failure rate happens for a number of reasons:


1. Many don’t know the statistical probabilities they face. With over 20 million online businesses, they don’t understand what they would need to do to be successful.

 2. Many don’t even think of failure as a possibility. All they see is an online scam saying they could make thousands a month with 2 hours of work a day. In their mind they see themselves on a beach working 2 hours from a laptop. 

3. Many are talked into things they are unprepared for. Once they realize the amount of work that is needed and the time and patience you need, they give up or frantically jump at another unrealistic opportunity. 

4. Many don’t have the basic knowledge of building an online business. They join a company that has no training and no support. They are doing it all by themselves with no real knowledge of what they are doing. 

5. Some think that an internet business runs on auto-pilot. They feel they can buy a domain, build a website and then push some magic button and send millions of visitors to their site. Nothing could be further from the truth. 

So what can you do?

Success is still a possibility. There is still that other 10% who understand that online business is not a get rich quick scheme. They know that riches will not come overnight and that there is a learning curve.

Success happens for them because they took the time to learn about internet marketing and how it works.

They get the training they need and know its going to take time and patience to achieve a successful online business.

90 days of building a website with no results is common

You can achieve success if you follow a plan and have patience. If you follow the steps I have outlined on my site, you will be well on your way.

Don’t go laying out money for some “sounds to good to be true” scheme, because most of them are. Don’t sign into a program that offers no support and no training.

Before you spend a dime, try building your online business for free. You can sign up for free, and get 2 free websites to build your website around.

Your steps to success:

Start with a business plan. [Read More]
You must focus on your niche. [Read More]
You need a business name and understand how to research it. [Read More]
Understand keywords and how to search them. [Read More]
Realize the importance of page titles. [Read More]
Understand content and its importance for the SEO’s. [Read More]
Links you’ll have on your site and where to use them. [Read More]
You’ll need a email marketing platform [Read More]
Last minute details before your ready for business. [Read More]

You can access a free keyword search platform here

At the site above, you will get training. There is live chat running 24/7 with some of the over 850,000 members. Classrooms, live video training, support 24/7. Take a look below of the two types of training available for all free members. 

First there is Affiliate training: Click on it and
see what you get for free


Next there is Entrepreneur Certification training, for free

This is not just another web hosting site, its a university of like minded Entrepreneur’s all helping each other to succeed.

Take a look at the dashboard

On the left side is all the training, where you can ask questions and access to your site manager, site support, ask members to comment on your site, get your site reviewed by others, etc. 

In the middle of the page, members that ask questions gets posted there for anyone to answer, on the top are the newest members to say hello to, etc. 

On the right side is a 24/7/365 chat room that you can jump into and get a question answered quickly. As you can see, questions get answered from seconds to about 2-3 minutes. You are never alone when there building your site.

Where else can you try something for free with no obligation to buy anything? Take a look, read what some of the members are saying and see what you would be getting.

All my best to your success,

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  1. Norman says:

    Hello and thanks a million for sharing, I do agree with you because many as you said do get the wrong ideas because of the many scams that are out there and because of all of the true success that they here about they believe that it is a walk in the park when it is not. Hopefully, those who come to across your post will see it for what it really is and have a good understanding of how all this good stuff works.

    • Douglas Schmitz says:


      Very true, they make it sound so easy to make a ton of money with little work when it couldn’t be further from the truth.

      Its a mind set you have to have. It takes time, a lot of patience and self discipline.

      If everyone that visits my site would just see the value of all the training that is available at Wealthy Affiliate, they could all be on the road to success.

      Thanks for the comment and visiting my site. All my best to your success,  


  2. Deraj says:

    Actually many fail in online business because there are lots of fake gurus there and also the lots of scam sites due to which people get scammed and think every online businesses are same, which is not. I like everything what you have write in this post. Thank you.

    • Very true Deraj, and the scams continue to get worse. They all sound so intriguing and safe that its hard for people to know which is a good program and which is a scam.
      They continue to get worse daily. Then, when you have a good legitimate deal, its hard to let people know in a way that doesn’t make it sound too good to be true.
      I hope I get that point across because it is such a good deal for people wanting to build an online business.
      All my best,

  3. Good job! I agree people need to educate themselves and avoid the get rich quick thinking… a real business requires real work.. thanks again

    • Michelle, You are right, an online business is not a get rich quick scheme. You have to follow steps and realize it takes time and most of all, patience. Building a site and seeing no results for 90 days is the norm.
      Most people wanting to try an online business thinks it can be done in a day or week. It cannot.
      Thanks for the comment, all my best to your success,

  4. I love the topic of your article and very well written. In my opinion many online businesses fail in the first 120 days because there are too many “quick buck” money making schemes out there. People believe they can start a new business on a Monday and quit their day job before their next paycheck. Patience is a virtue and as with anything valuable, you need to give your online business time to grow.

    • Joseph,
      Patience is a virtue but most people don’t understand it. I think partly because so many online scams or schemes are so convincing that people just go with it. Then when it doesn’t work they give up.
      Its just like any brick and mortar business, it is not successful over night. It takes constant work, new posts and information. Always expanding and freshening up.
      Thanks for your comment and all my best to your success,

  5. Ilias says:

    Hi Doug, I have made many of these mistakes at the beginning. I thought that it could be easy to earn money online.

    I had built a website, I have added ten post/pages of low-quality content and I was waiting something to happen.

    After a few weeks, I said that I need help and joined on Wealthy Affiliate.

    I realized on the first lesson that I was doing everything wrong. I started a new website and after some months it gets some organic traffic.

    So, you need training, hard work and help to get started online.

    Thanks for sharing this article, every beginnes should read it.

    • Ilias, Yes, we have all made mistakes along the way. My first site some years ago was the same story. I had very little content, lots of affiliate links and no business.
      If people would just not get caught up in all the scams promising the world and get to work the right way, the failure rate would not be 90%.
      Its all about time, patience and getting the right education and training. There is no other site out there that offers this except wealthy affiliate.
      Thanks for the comment and all my best to your success.

  6. helen says:

    Excellent article, and enormously realistic, the failure rate is significantly big I guess like any business which is a start up.
    It takes patience, skills and perseverance, these quick rich schemes are scams. Wealthy Affiliate is a great training ground with loads of pointers to help you launch an online business.

    Thanks for the post I am sure it will help many put into perspective the risks of going solo.

    • Helen,
      Thanks for the comment and I’m glad you found it informative. The scams are getting more numerous but hopefully I can educate some people before they make that mistake.
      I have belonged to many website hosting platforms in my years, but wealthy affiliate is by far the best. I thought I knew a lot but after I joined, I found out there is so many other steps involved if you want to be successful.
      Thanks again and all my best to your success,

  7. John Vine says:

    You provide a huge amount of information here, with some good explanations of how people can get the wrong idea. Anyone who is serious about getting started with a genuine business could be well advised to follow up on your links to Wealthy Affiliate.

    • John,
      I never thought I would have a site with so many pages of information, and it keep getting bigger all the time. I am trying to provide as much information as I can to help those that are looking to start an online business.
      Above all the information I can provide, I am trying to get across that you have to take your time and be patient. Its not an overnight adventure, and the best place I can find to begin your journey is at wealthy affiliate. I love the fact that everyone helps everyone.
      Thanks for stopping by and adding the comment. All my best to your success,

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