How to Start Your Online Business

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Online Business Ideas

Be sure to read through the10 reasons people fail
 What kind of online business is for you?

Whatever Online Business idea you choose, it’s going to take some time. It cannot be done in 30 minutes and anyone telling you that, is lying. Buying a Domain Name, registering it and having it Hosted, maybe that can be done in 30 minutes.

Then you have to make all your settings, add all the pages you need, and then fill them with content. The content alone is going to take some serious time. Maybe if you take out the credit card and buy an “already in Business” site, you could do that in 30 minutes.

  SEO’s, (search engine optimization) will be going through your site and will be rating it by your Keywords and Content. In my mind, Content is King.

Since your going to have to spend time writing pages about your business, filling them with good interesting information and choice Keywords, make sure you are choosing a business your passionate about. Something you’ll enjoy writing about while adding some Keywords for the SEO’s.

A strong WHY.

Why do you want to build and online business? People have many different reasons, some of them are:

  1. So I don’t have to do the 9-5 thing
  2. A better life
  3. Kids education
  4. New car
  5. Better house or a first one
  6. Vacations

The reasons are endless, but whatever yours is it needs to be a strong one! You will get discouraged along the way many time, working endless hours writing content on your site and not seeing any results can really get you down. You need to keep a picture of your WHY next to your workspace to keep you moving ahead even when things are dismal.

You will question your decision about starting this process many times along the way, and you need the mindset of “take a look at the picture of your why and get back to work”.

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Retail Store selling Your Own Products

Having your own online retail store, selling products you make or selling products you buy and resell, can be fun and rewarding. But don’t be mistaken, it will take time and more money than other businesses.

Lets say perhaps you want to sell “Custom Smart Phone Covers”. You could find a company that stocks them, but has no presence online. If you can arrange the company to do the shipping, all you have to do it promote it and have a way of collecting payments.

If your selling products that you have built, or your offering a “build it yourself kit”, you’ll have to have a shipping account set up, FedX, UPS, etc., and also a way of collecting payments. If this is what your looking for, great.[ Read More

90% of all new online businesses fail!
Read that a few times until it sinks in!
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Affiliate Retail Store

The most popular sites online today are affiliate websites. You see the concept on almost every site you visit. Companies like Amazon are always looking for someone to promote their products.

If you choose to start an affiliate business, most of the work will be done in the building of your site and filling it with content. An affiliate site with too many external links will not be rated well with the SEO’s. The search engines do not like an affiliate site that takes a visitor off your site and redirects people to another. Make sure you read my information about links. [Read More]

The more engaging Content you have on your site, the better rating you will get, which in turn brings in more visitors and more sales. Let me tell you how an affiliate site works. [ Read More ]

                                                                           Web Designer

This can be a very good business if its your expertise. But as designers know, designing a good looking and flowing website is no easy task. With all the competition in the online business world, some people looking for an online business, are fine with paying for a well designed website.

If this is your niche, you most likely know what you have to do. You have to build a website, not just any website. Your website is going to be a reflection of what you do. The income potential is around $30-45.00 an hour for your expertise.  

The business of Building Websites is a specialty business. It is only for those with the knowledge of Web Design. Myself, I not only find building my own site as a challenge, but so rewarding when done.

On the other hand, if your looking for a job in this area, just google “web designing jobs” and you’ll find hundreds of job offerings.

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Freelance Writer

A lot of companies are turning to part time contract workers which seems to be creating a growing line of online work in this field.

There are a lot of reasons this is taking off. Some of the reasons I have read about is the sluggish economy we have which makes companies not want to hire full time employees.

It is cheaper for them to hire part time. They don’t have to worry about medical expenses for one. They want to make sure the demand is constant before hiring full time.

A really nice website that would show your writing skills would do very well. Taking a subject and producing a informative article would be your showcase for these companies to hire you. The bottom line here is that you still need to build your website, as with any online business.  

If your just looking for a job in this field, then you can start with a company called  

  Professional Blogger  

It is amazing how many visitors a site will get if the blog’s are good. I tend to think of this as an affiliate site since the Blogger will have to sell something to make money, but its his or her blogging that is driving visitors to the site.

A good blogging site that is linked to social media can receive thousands or more visitors a day. You’ve heard the saying “going viral”? If that happens, you’ll get hundreds of thousands, in some cases millions of people online reading your blog.  

You choose a really appealing theme for your site, make it inviting for your visitor. Then add different pages for different subjects, link it to your social media sites like Facebook, and blog away. You would have to add a few affiliate links to the blog post to earn your money. Maybe books that relate to the stories.   

If you have the ideas floating around in your head and the words to express them with, blogging might be right for you.

If you just looking for a job in this field, you could start at

Social Media Consulting

Social media is getting so large and a very important way for companies to promote their products and service.

The best part for any Social Media Consultant is it changes very fast. Business owners and busy individuals don’t have the time to keep up.

If your savvy and understand the different social media platforms, then you should consider a business of being a consultant.

A social media consultant is the eyes, ears and voice of that company. You would be raising their brand awareness, helping to deliver traffic to their site and raising their bottom line. A well designed website to show off your capabilities to deliver on those points, would definitely get the word spread about your expertise. With so many social media platforms, perhaps you could specialize with 1 or 2 of them. 

If your just wanting to find a job in this field, google “social media jobs” and you’ll find plenty. 

Other ways to make money online can be found here.

  The list goes on             

There are so many more, but they all relate to one of the business ideas I have already listed.

You could sell ebooks, you could sell DVD’s, have and online match making site, an Ebay store, sell photo’s, a hotel booking service, online sports betting business.

You might be asking, Sell Photo’s? Yes, their are hundreds of companies looking for art work in the form of photo’s to use for promoting their business and products. A nicely designed encrypted website (so your photo’s are safe), and a promotional campaign to those companies can award you with a nice income.  

My point here is whatever you can think of, you can create an online business for. It seems no matter what I am looking for Online, I can find it. So do some sole searching and think of what it is you love to do. Whatever it is, you can create an online business for it. And if done right, it will be successful.

Once you have an idea, its time to narrow your Niche
(idea) down. [

One thing is for sure, whatever business your thinking of creating online,
your going to need to build a website.

No Website = No Business Find out below
or more information is here

  Before you sign up someplace and start spending the time on building an
online business, make sure it truly is what you want to do.

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All my best to you and your business.


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