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Searching for your Keywords

Keyword searches are used in all parts of your website
Domain names, page titles and content

 Keywords are crucial for SEO’s

What are Keywords? Keywords are “words and phrases” that you would type into search engines like google and Bing, to find the websites offering or relating to what your looking for.

When your searching for your keywords to put on your site, remember, it is what drives traffic (visitors) to your site. The better your keywords are, the more traffic you’ll see and more success you will have. They are used by the SEO’s (search engine optimization), such as google, Bing, etc.

The right keywords can get thousands of searches a day while some others may only get a few hundred. But some highly rated keywords can be very competitive online because so many online businesses are using them.

Searching keywords for your online business is so important that you have to put some time and thought into them. They have to relate to your business name and niche.

  Researching Keywords

There are a lot of sites that offer the free tools you need to research your keywords. Most of the free keyword tool sites will limit you as to how many searches you can do per month. Most are 30 keyword searches per month. 

Beware of the “Fluff” on some keyword search engines. By this I mean that some keyword search platforms use “guestimates” on some of their figures. I have found only one keyword search platform that gives you up to the minute, based on real data information.

“My choice is Jaaxy” 

If I am spending my time and money with a keyword search tool, I want to know I am getting the best, up to the minute data. My site and my time are important to me and its worth whatever it takes for me to know I am not putting keywords on my site that may not get any traffic.  

Here are a few sites for keyword searches – Free Keyword search – free Keyword search – free Keyword search keyword search

Most of the free keyword search platforms will give you 30 free searches a month. I can do 30 searches for each page title I am creating, so I belong to both Jaaxy and Wealthy Affiliate. The Jaaxy platform offers so much more than just keywords. 

  • Find affiliate programs
  • Brainstorming or “finding a niche” functions
  • Google rankings
  • Check your competing websites
  • Check domain name availability
  • Its own affiliate program

I use the Keyword searches to help me develop my business names as I told you about before. If you don’t have one yet, visit my page titled, Choosing the right Domain Name.

You can access my free keyword search platform here

Let me revisit an example I have been using, Bird Houses. Lets say you build them yourself so you have your business name as “Barry’s Wooden Bird Houses”. You would go to one of the Keyword search sites and type in the following.

  • bird houses   
  • wooden bird houses   
  • bird house kits    
  • painted bird houses
  • small bird houses
  • custom bird houses – etc.  

In the partial results shown above, I see several good keywords to use. “Bird house designs” seems to be the best as far as number of searches per month with only 76 competing sites. Below is what all the numbers mean. 

  • AVG: is the number of searches that phrase gets per month
  • Traffic: is the amount of “click through” or visitors that phrase gets
  • QSR: is the number of competing websites that use that phrase
  • KQI: is a quality indicator (green great, yellow ok, red poor)
  • SEO: is a score based on traffic and completion (0-100)

Each search brings up a list of about 20-50 related keywords. You can now select what ones are relative to your business and save them in a list on that site. You will also be taking the most relevant ones and adding them to your website.

Different website hosting platforms work differently, but they will all have a area to put your Keywords. Your also going to be using keywords when writing your content.

In the screen shot above are the results of a search of “bird houses”. On the left is keywords related directly to the word you typed in. In the middle are all the ratings, and on the right are suggested Keywords to search.

Read about the importance of using keyword
searches for your page titles here.

Of course you want words with the highest traffic, but that’s not always a good thing. You want to save words with a traffic number of over 50, but a competing rate of below 250. When the competing rate is high, it means there are a lot of other sites using that keyword.

If you use any of the high traffic words with a lot of competing sites, just remember, you have to be so much better then the sites already using that keyword or phrase to move up in the rankings. 

In the example above, if you use the top word “bird houses” there are 396 sites using that keyword or phrase. With approximately 10 page results for each google search, you could be on the last page or almost 40 pages away from the first page results. What are the chances someone will see your page?

Low hanging fruit are keywords or phrases that have around 50 searches a month but very low competition. For example, in this search, you have 3 good “low hanging fruit” keyword phrases. I don’t mind if a particular word or phrase gets a lot of searches, but the competition number has to be below 50. 

Bird house building plans gets 160 searches a month with only 37 competing sites. “Bird houses kits” has 82 searches per month with 36 competing sites. You have to keep searching keywords in different ways to find the best results for your pages and site.

Here’s a search of “wooden bird house kits” 

Do you see the low hanging fruit on this search? Although some are not grammatically correct, you do have “wooden bird house kits adults” with 0 competition and 136 searches a month. Although I don’t like the way its worded, it would be a good page title. You would be on the top of the first page.

If you can use a keyword phrase as your page title, great. But in your page title, you want to use at least a keyword and then incorporate it in the first paragraph of your content as well.

The title of this page is called “searching for your keywords”. I also use that same phrase in the second paragraph. Its the way the search engines like to see it done.

Access my free keyword tool.
Try your first search here

I hope this has helped you with searching for keywords. Within no time at all you will have a fairly large list of keywords which you will have to scale down for insertion into your sites Keyword section.

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