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The importance of adding social media to your website

I was never a fan of social media. The thought of putting my life online for the world to see never appealed to me. But when you see the benefits of it, in regards to an online business, it becomes something necessary to being successful online.

There are so many social media sites today that if you were part of them all, you would not have the time to work on your most important thing, your business. 

I will go through the most important social media sites, as it pertains to your new online business. Google+, Face Book, Twitter,  linked in and YouTube.

What is Social Media

By definition social media is: websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking. Social media can be personal or it can be used to promote a business. I choose to use a personal social media accounts, and I promote my business through posts on my accounts.

To add the social media icons to your website, you go to the “add plugin” area of your WordPress editor and do a search for “Tweet Like Plusone”. Once you add and activate the plugin, you can open it up and choose the icons you want on your site and where you want them posted, usually side or top and bottom.

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This is the plugin I use on my sites, but there are a lot of plugin’s for adding social media icons to your site. You just have to check that the plugin you choose, has all the icons you want to post. You just activate the plugin, make a few settings and your done.

Google plus

Having a google plus account is going to lead to better indexing times, more authority/trust in Google, and an overall better relationship with Google. Google plus is free to join and you can use your gmail account to join if you have one. 

Staying active with your google plus account is going to lead to many benefits along the way. Google will not reveal their exact ranking/indexing algorithm, but it only makes sense, that if you let them know about your content they are going to do a better job of indexing you.

The benefits of having a google plus account include:

Better Rankings in Google
Build up Your Author Value in Google (as you create quality content)
Faster Indexing in Google
A more trustworthy relationship with Google (they don’t like anonymity)

Create your google+ account here:

Google plus started fairly quiet but in recent years is growing faster as a social network then others. Once you set up your free account, you can create a public post relating to your business, attach a link and activate it. So you don’t have to search as to how you write a post, there is a little pencil icon on the bottom right of the page. That’s how you write a post. 

Take some action in the google+ community by following some others and ask them to follow you. They have this system called +1 on the bottom left of anyone’s posts. If you click on that, their post can be seen in your home account page and when they click on yours, your post can be seen on their account home page. This type of sharing gets you more exposure and shows google your active.

Face Book Page

Similar to google+ it is free to join. You have more options in Face Book to connect to friends and family, but you also use your personal Face Book page to promote your business.

Your friends and family can then easily “like” your post and have it on their page which in turn can be seen by all their friends. Its a good way to spread the word and get more visitors.

Sign up to Facebook @

This can lead to some really great exposure of your business very quickly. You simply create a post of a few lines explaining one of your pages on your site, add the link and activate it. Anyone who reads it can then go to that page of your site and will be able to go through your entire website from there.

Make sure your short description of your page is interesting, intriguing and will capture the attention of someone that might be looking for the information you supply. The increase in visitation to your site can grow quickly. More visitors can add up to more sales.

This procedure is done for any of the social network sites you join

Remember when you are writing content on your website
Your in the business of helping, Not selling

What the icons on your site can accomplish

Now that you have the icons on your website, when a visitor is on your site and reads through some information, they may want to share it with a friend or family member. They would simply click on the icon they want to share it on, click share and it will then be sent to their or the person of their choice’s page.

Share your new post or page yourself by clicking on the share button and sending your new or up-dated post to your social media. I do this every morning and at around 6pm at night. I post 1 or 2 pages that I have up-dated, both morning and night. 

As you can see, the sharing aspect is going to get your site more exposure to a wider range of people. The thing to realize is that the more your site information and links are shared, the greater chance it will appeal to someone. It may not be your friend or family member, or anyone that sees it on their site, but it could be someone they know who is interested.

All the sharing that will be happening is going to help you with your google rankings. They want to see that you have good content and that it is being shared and viewed. Google is wanting the “content creators” of the Internet to set-up authorship on their websites. This gives you and your site credibility and will speed up the increasing of your rankings.

You should also add an email capture page to your site, a sign-up form. When you think of all the social media sites, your post or page is only visible up to the time someone else sends a ad or post that you have previously liked or followed. Their posts will appear on the top and unless they scroll down the page, your post will not be seen.
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That is why it is important to have a sign-up form on your website. Once signed up, you can target them with an email campaign. [Read More]

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