How to Start Your Online Business

A Step by Step Guide

The harsh truth about starting an online business

The bitter reality of building an online revenue producing website is:

  1. It is not easy
  2. Its going to take longer than you think (6 months to a year)
  3. You will get discouraged and want to quit
  4. You will see many deceptions online about how cheap or easy it is
  5. It cannot be done for free, not all of it anyway

What you will need to build your website:

  1. You will need a strong WHY
  2. You’ll need a website host
  3. A website Domain Name
  4. A keyword search platform
  5. An assortment of plug-ins
  6. Images to use that you own or have permission to use
  7. Social media accounts
  8. Educational or training video’s or written content
  9. Support from fellow members
  10. Time, Patience and Determination
  11. Affiliate link accounts or your own products to promote

I’m not going to sugar coat the procedure at all, so if your looking for a post on building an online business that is going to deceive you on its simplicity, this is not it.

First there are the websites that offer .99 cent website domain names. Yes that is cheap and its a promotion to get you tied into their website hosting platform. The website hosting platform is where you going to spend all your time building your website. The problem is that these sites have very little educational material or training to help you along the way.

Most of them have difficult platforms to navigate and use. Also remember that the .99 cent name is only good for the first year when the average price you’ll have to pay is $12.-20.00. Then there is the hosting fees that are monthly or yearly.

They will not offer a keyword search platform that you will be using every day for your page titles, all of your content that you will have to write as well as the keywords you need to place in the “back room” of your website for the search engines.

Next there are the website’s that offer cheap hosting. You pay for the domain name at a reasonable rate $12-20.00, but they offer to host your site for less than the competition. The problem with these sites are the operating system you have to use to build your site. They are hard to use, difficult to understand and very slow.

Most of the sites offering you a good deal on the domain name or hosting, have very bad support. When your building your site you will have x amount of time to work on it. When you need a question or problem resolved for you to continue your work, you need it done quickly or you will be wasting a lot of time.

Some of these sites claim to have live chat rooms that you can jump into to ask question from the other members, but they are usually empty and it can take longer to get an answer from that means than the slow responsive support.

There is a Hugh company out there called EIG (endurance international group). They’re record has been the same with every website hosting platform they buy. As of late they own more than 90 of them.

When they buy a company, they lay off many workers, there service and support goes down the drain and a lot of their members try to jump ship to another company. If a site your looking to join is owned by them, stay away!

I will tell you my #1 recommended website host in a bit.

 Free websites with hosting and free keyword search platforms

Yes there are a few places that offer free websites and hosting on the web. I actually joined my present website hosting platform that way. It’s a good way to see what the site has to offer, the training, the chat room, the system you will be using to build your site, etc.

After being with several website hosts over my years of having websites, I found it as a great way to educate myself on what they had to offer.

It’s the same for the free keyword search platforms. They will let you use the keyword search for a total of 30 searches which is a great way to see how it works, the details of the search results and the quality.

A strong WHY. Why do you want to build and online business? People have many different reasons, some of them are:

  1. So I don’t have to do the 9-5 thing
  2. A better life
  3. Kids education
  4. New car
  5. Better house or a first one
  6. Vacations

The reasons are endless, but whatever yours is it needs to be a strong one! You will get discouraged along the way many time, working endless hours writing content on your site and not seeing any results can really get you down. You need to keep a picture of your WHY next to your workspace to keep you moving ahead even when things are dismal.

You will question your decision about starting this process many times along the way, and you need the mindset of “take a look at the picture of your why and get back to work”.

When your discouraged and have doubt, you want at your access a active chat room filled with Entrepreneur’s that are extremely successful and eager to help. That type of support is hard to come by, but I know the place.

Is it all worth it in the long run? YES! But it going to take time, more time then you will want to spend. I remember the first time I started to build my first website. I quit and 9 months later was thinking to myself, “if I didn’t quit, where would it be now?”

Don’t put yourself in that boat. If your sure you want to build an online business and you understand what its going to take, don’t quit and be faced with the question a year from now of Where would I be today if I didn’t quit?

As stated above in the list of things you need to build a website, we will look at the ones that have financial or monetary cost to them.

First is a website hosting platform. This is where you will buy your domain name and have your site hosted. Its the platform that you will be using to build your site, so make sure its going to have a system you understand, is easy to navigate and has everything you need.

Next you will need a keyword search platform. Not just any keyword search, but one that is based on constantly updated real data and not guesstimates. You need one that collects data daily if not hourly. Things change quickly on the world wide web, so you need to keep up with it.

Look at the keyword search platform this way. Your going to be using the data collected from them for your page titles. If you don’t know why this is extremely important, read this.  Also, you will be using keywords in the content you fill those pages up with and to list in the “back room” of your site.

All of the keywords will be what the search engines will be looking for and rating your content with. When someone types into a google search bar, what they type or are looking for is considered keywords. If your not using a good keyword search platform and getting good updated data, all your work will be a waste.

Next you’ll need plug ins. These plug ins are installed into your back room. They are part of your site that people don’t see but are necessary for your SEO’s (search engine optimization) your google index and ratings, your social media accounts, etc. Make sure that your website hosting platform offers them or you will have to get them someplace else and most likely pay for them.

Your going to need images. Most of the images online are registered and you will have to buy the rights to use them. If you don’t and they find your site with them on it, you will be fined and possibly sued.

This would be the majority of your financial needs. Your affiliate accounts are free but most you have to apply to and get approved to participate. I have some affiliate program links here. There about 1/2 way down the page. I make nothing on that information, its for reference.

When you get all of this set up, you’ll be paying an average of $27.-$50.00 a month. This does not include any advertising you may want to do. Also the search engines want to see interaction on your site in the way of comments left by visitors and your reply to them. You may have to hire someone to do some of that if you want your ratings to move up the latter and find the first page of a search.

If you have read this far, I would think that your someone that is serious about starting an online business, someone that now realizes what its going to take and your ready to make a commitment to changing your life.

What if you could get everything you need, plus a very active vibrant chat room filled with members (and the owners of the site) that have been doing this a long time and are very successful? All the training on each and every step from finding the right domain name for your niche, through each and every page you need to create?

Show you all the social media sites you should be using, how to sign up and share them with other members and in turn you follow each other? Show you free ways to get your site recognized, getting activity and making sales?

A free way to get comments on your site which helps tremendously for site rankings? Give you direct access to the owners of this incredible online website building university? Access to all the live training and all 13 of the classrooms? And so much more….

What if this website hosting platform was to offer a free sign up and give you access to everything they have for a total of 7 days so you can decide its right for you? What if after that 7 days you could get everything, (and I mean everything) you need to build a successful online business all for under $30.00 a month?

Take a look for yourself, then you decide

Thanks for taking the time to read and all my best to your success




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