How to Start Your Online Business

A Step by Step Guide

The how and what of starting an online business

Let me explain the how and what of starting an online business

What you will need:
1. A good focused niche (idea of what your website will be about)
2. A good, written business plan (If you fail to plan, you plan to fail)
3. A domain name and a hosting platform (usually the cost, out of pocket)
4. Training (if your new to an online business)
5. Website with pages of content (this is the majority of the time factor)
6. Sign up for affiliate programs and add your affiliate links to your site
7. Social media accounts and icons on your site (all free to join)
8. An email auto responder campaign (another cost after 30 days)
9. Understand the customer buying cycle
10. A way to promote your business (Business cards, advertising, SEO’s)

The big question here is the WHY?
Why do you want to start an online business?
More on that a little further down

Now to the how

There is some talk about what comes first, the business plan or the niche. I believe its the niche because, how can you write a business plan if you don’t know what business your going to pursue? [Read More]

Once you have a niche, and it has to be focused, not to broad. Now you can start to put together a business plan. You have to know where your going if you want to figure out how to get there. [Read More]

This is some of the out of pocket costs

Once you have a plan, your going to need a domain name and have it hosted. Again we get to what comes first, a keyword search platform or the domain name.

First off, you’ll need a keyword search platform to use in order to create your domain name. So for me its the keyword search platform first so you can create a good name for your new business. Most good keyword platforms cost around $19.00 a month.

Several keyword search platforms will give you a trial for 30 free searches. Even though that is great, it will not last long but its a good way to research the keyword search platform to see how it works and what they have to offer.

I can do 20-25 searches for each of my page titles alone, so joining a keyword search platform is going to have to be on your list. [Read More]

Results of a typical keyword search

Once you have a good name idea and you know its available, you need to buy it, register it and have it hosted. This is going to be your main expense and where you need to do the most research.

If you just starting out, how do you know what website hosts are and how they work? Will they have all the tools you’ll need? Will you like the way their control panel works? Will they have training available? How is the support? What is their load time and up time? And most of all, what is going to be the real cost of using their hosting platform?

All website hosting platforms say their great, awesome, the best. They offer a special price to buy a domain name, so people think, I can have a website for $1.99. NO YOU CAN’T!

Once they hook you in with a low price, you find out you have to pay for hosting, site security, adding WordPress and so on. Before you know it your paying $30, $40, $70, $100.00 a month to buy your domain and have it hosted with all the tools you need to build your website.

Not me! Well, not anymore. I use to belong to 4 different website hosts along the way of my online businesses. Sad to say that none of them turned out the way they make their hosting site sound.

My renewals went up dramatically each year, I had to buy plugins and tool outside of their site to make my site work, horrible support, load time problems, so I left them all.

I go to one place and have all my sites hosted there. I get all the training I need plus some, unlimited use of a great keyword tool, an extremely active live chat room full of entrepreneur’s eager to help, great support, can get feedback on my sites progress, give and get comments on my site, and can even private message the owners if I have a concern.

I pay one bill to one site. $359.00 a year which come to $29.91 a month or about .98 cents a day. I can host up to 50 sites there, same price. I personally feel that Value of this site far outweighs the price.

Moving on to your website now

Your page titles, one of the most important parts of your site, will have to be searched in a keyword search platform. Please understand the importance of the page titles. [Read More]

Depending on what type of website your building, (an affiliate site or a site to sell your own products) will determine where you go from here.

If your building an affiliate website, you will need to sign up to some affiliate programs that best suit your niche and start to add your links.

You will need to have some review pages based on your niche. Reviews are big for affiliate websites. People are hungry for information, so they search for reviews on the products they want.

To target these potential customers you must understand the 3 stages that a customer goes through before they make their buying decision. [Read More]

If your selling your own products you will need to place a shopping cart and a way to pay you for your products. You’ll need to arrange to have a shipping company and get all your shipping supplies. [Read More]

While your continuing to build your website pages you should create your social media accounts. They are all free to join, Facebook, google+, twitter, etc. This will give your site some more exposure and help to build some rankings with the search engines. [Read More]

Search engines like to see social engagement on sites and a lot of information. They like to see interaction on sites, comments and sharing. That’s another reason I like the site I am on because we comment on each others sites and is good for rankings. We also follow each other another plus for getting rankings.

Next you will have to start getting your email campaign ready. You can start off by creating a few emails that will automatically be sent out. They will only be sent to people who subscribe for them, so you will next have to create a sign-up form that you put on your site. This can be started when your 60-100 days into building your site. [Read More

Back to the big WHY?

People have all different reasons for starting an online business. Some want a new car, new home, kids college education, better vacations, etc. 

Why do you want to build an online business? It has to mean something big for you. It is going to take time. You could be building your site for 6 months and see little or no income. Are you ready for that? 

Online average for building a site and not seeing activity is 120 days. It takes time to research every page title, write all the content for your site and have the search engines find it and start to rank it. 

Read why 90% of all new online businesses fail

Its at this time that you need determination and your WHY to keep you soldiering on. Whatever your why is, write it down or get a picture of it and hang it up by your workspace to remind you of what your doing this for.

Whatever website host you use, no matter what training they offer, they will not be able to teach you one thing, Patience. You need to be patient and know that all your work will pay off down the road.

Now we have to ask, how are you going to promote your site? If you have been creating your page title the right way, by doing keyword searches, you will start to see a little activity on your site. Posting to google+ and the other social platforms will get your more exposure, but are you going to depend just on that or are you going to advertise?

I found a very reasonable way to advertise and its through “Google AdWords Express”. Very easy to use, all you need is a google account (can be your email) and its about 3 steps and a couple of clicks and your add will be sent. Set your dollar limits, time and also an area, (US, Canada< world, etc.)

There are a lot of small steps you need to take but wherever you host your site hopefully will have the training you need. Most of them I have information on my sight about. Check the reviews, pages along the right side and the posts.

If you are new to starting an online business, and you are serious about creating your online business, I would recommend you sign-up to the site I am on. They will take you by the hand step by step and help you build a successful, income producing website.

They do have a free program. You can sign up for free and get 2 free websites and have them hosted. With that you will have access to everything they have to offer for 7 days. After that 7 days period, you will have limited access to the training and live webinars, etc. 

But in those 7 days you will see what they offer that no one on the web does. I took that 7 day free sign up and within the fist day, saw the value so I joined the yearly program so I got the best price. 


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I hope you found this information useful
All my best to your success,

PS: Please leave a comment if you have a minute…Thanks

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