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Thrive Leads pricing and review – Pro’s and Con’s

Thrive leads is a plugin you download after your purchase to add to your WordPress website builder, to build your email list. You will also need an email auto-responder to integrate this with. We will look at what this plugin offers in my thrive leads pricing and review.

As an online business owner or blogger, one of your main priorities is likely to be building your email list. If you are using WordPress then there are many plugins that are available which can help you do this, but it can be difficult to know which one is going to work best for you.

Thrive Leads has many features that other plugins do not have and this makes it a good choice when you are looking to grow your email list. It has been developed by Thrive Themes which is a well-known company in the blogging world.

The following review will explain a bit more about how Thrive Leads works and this will help you to decide if it is something that can work for you.

The unique feature of Thrive Leads is that you are able to split test different opt-in forms and this makes it much easier for you to monitor your progress and find out what type of forms work best for you.

All of the main types of opt-in forms are included and they are categorized into different groups such as ribbons, popovers, and widgets. Some of these are ThriveBox, (a pop-up light box),  Sticky ribbon, inline forms, 2-step opt-in form, slide in, opt-in widget, screen filler overlay, content lock, Scroll mat, Multiple choice forms.

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This means that you can see at a glance which of these groups is working best for you. You can select different forms to use in different areas of your website so that you are creating something that is relevant to your visitors.

You are also able to use shortcode placement with Thrive Leads. This allows you to use a widget to set up opt-in forms on different pages of your blog. You are then able to track the progress of each page to see which ones give you the most conversions.

A favorite form is the two-step opt-in form. When a visitor clicks on a particular link to find out more information they will be presented with an opportunity to enter their email address.

This is a very successful technique for building your email list. When people click on that initial link they are already open to engaging with your blog to find out the information that they are looking for. Once they have done this, then providing their email address seems like a logical next step.


As you can see in the screen shot above, they offer one membership on a monthly basis but it must be paid annually. So that plan is $228.00 a year. 

On the other plans that they offer, it is a one time payment based on how many sites you will want to use thrive leads on. 

Understand, this is just email capture plugin, you must have an email marketing platform. So you need to integrate an auto-responder service, otherwise we have nowhere to store the email addresses we collect.

One of the biggest advantages of Thrive Leads is that it is so easy to use. It has a wide range of features that are not available with other plugins and this can really make a difference to the number of subscribers that you get signing up to your email list.

There are over 40 templates that are already included in the plugin so it is really easy to create the opt-in form that you want and one that is also going to appeal to your visitors

Support for all major email marketing platforms which means that as long as the platform you are already using is compatible with HMTL forms you will be able to use Thrive Leads with your existing platform.

Thrive Leads is compatible with an impressive 19 email marketing services — this figure covers all the major players, including AWeber, GetResponse, Mail Chimp, etc. 

Daily overview so you are able to monitor your progress easily on a daily basis.

Supports exit intent for popovers so that people who are about to leave your site get one last chance to signup to your email list.

First you must have an email auto-responder marketing campaign ready to integrate this email capture too. This plugin is only for capturing the email of your visitors. 

Some users have reported that the support that you get from the Thrive Themes team is worse lately than it was when the plugin was first launched. (I was one of them) 

This may be because there are more people using the service now and that the support department is a lot busier than it was.

There has been no word from Thrive Themes about whether this situation will be resolved soon.

Designed for: Newbie to professional
Support: The last 11-12 months seems to be slow and non professional
My opinion: There are email marketing platforms that offer everything you need instead of having to sign up with 2 different programs. They are:

  1. AWeber – offers both the sign-up (email capture) forms and an email marketing auto-responder campaign. See their review here
  2. GetResponse – Again, offers both the email capture forms and the auto-responder email marketing campaign. See their review here
  3. Mail Chimp – Also offers both the email capture forms and the auto-responder campaign. See their review here

Personally, I tried to use thrive leads but when I couldn’t get the download to work, and didn’t get any help from them despite 2 emails and a support call, I decided to go with one company to handle it all. 

You could get this plugin and it does have some nice forms and templets, but remember you need to have an email auto-responder campaign set up to integrate this too. 

I hope you found this informative
All my best to your success, 

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