How to Start Your Online Business

A Step by Step Guide

Top 10 reasons people fail

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail

Fear of failure – This is a big one because most people who have this fear in them, don’t realize it. If you need help with this, there are a few books on Amazon that can help and are very reasonably priced. One cheep but good eBook is “Fear of Failure” There is also a book called “Making Friends with Fear“. Its an entrepreneur’s guide to overcoming Fear of Failure.

90% of all new online business start-up’s fail
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Trying to solve an unimportant problem – Is there a need or interest online for the business your going to build? Paul Graham said: “By far the most common mistake startups make is to solve a problem nobody has.” Paul Graham is an English born computer scientist, entrepreneur, venture capitalist, author, and blogger

Not being different enough – There is a lot of competition online, what is going to make your site different? Instead of simply trying to be better, you need to be different. In almost every market, customers have options to choose from. With all the competition your business will have, you have to give your potential customers a reason to choose your offering over another.

Starting out with unobtainable expectations – Starting an online business is not going to happen overnight. These are hard truths that people rarely talk about. Overnight successes don’t exist. Building a successful business is a massive undertaking. Its not going to happen in a day, week or even a month.

Going it alone – You need support, you need guidance, you need another set of eyes. Most importantly, you need support from other entrepreneurs who are at similar stages as you are, and from others with more experience. I quit many times in the past, but I got involved with a community of like minded entrepreneur’s that help each other every day, every minute and we help each other succeed. [ Check it out]

Not caring about the Niche you chose – If you choose a niche your not ecstatic about, your content will show it. Don’t make things impossible by choosing something you don’t care about. If you love your topic, stamina won’t be an issue. If you love your idea, creativity will flow, and online business will be easier to build.

Not listening to your visitors (customers) – The customer is “always right” they say. You need to be engaging with them. Without customers you don’t have a business. Listen to them when they leave you comments. If there asking for more information, don’t just answer them, add it to your site so others will not have to ask.

Spending too much time thinking, not enough doing – Thinking about your business but not taking action, will lead to failure. If your thinking is 20% or more as it relates to taking action (doing), start doing more. You can think all you want, but if you don’t act, you’ll get nowhere.

Uninteresting content – Content is King online. It has to be of interest to your target customer or they’ll be gone in a click. If I start reading through a website on the subject I want to know about, it has to keep my attention. If it doesn’t I am gone.

Not starting at all – Having a good idea and business plan only goes so far. You need to take action. You must know one of these people that talk and talk about doing something, and never does it. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, no one is perfect. Just dive in, get started and find a community to support you… because you are not alone

Not understanding what it takesThis is a bonus and I think it should be the #1 reason people fail. Most people don’t understand what it takes to build a website. You can get training about how to build a website but no one can teach you patience. It will take time and patience!!!

In the screen shot below is the front “activity” page at Wealthy Affiliate. All the training listed along the left, Q&A in the middle, new members top middle and live chat along the right.

You are never alone with wealthy affiliate!!

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All my best to your success.

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