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Wealthy Affiliate Review

Wealthy Affiliate University Review

Website: Wealthy Affiliate
Owners: Kyle and Carson
Starter sign up: $0 (sign up)
Premium Member: $49.00 (sign up)
Premium Yearly: $359.00 ($29.95/mo)

Overall Ranking: 98 (out of 100)
Designed for: Newbie – Professional

Personal note: This is a site for people that understand what it takes to build a successful online business. One Price and you get everything you’ll ever need to build a great and successful website. But don’t take my word for it, use the free sign up and take the time to investigate the site for yourself. Talk to other members, watch some of the endless training, then decide.

First you need a strong WHY, and a good understanding in the fact that it will take “time, patience and determination”.

Why are you wanting to start an online business? Everyone has their reason, college for the children, a vacation home, new car, get out of the 9-5 rat race, etc..

Do your research! It’s easy for me to tell you that this is the place to be if you want to start an online business, because I belong to it. But  you need to do your research. I have belonged to many website host in my years online and found out for myself. 

I would like to save you time and frustration by telling you this is the place to be, but you need to make that decision for yourself. 

Take the free sign up offer below when you have some time and chat with other course members in the extremely active live chat. You may even be talking with the owners who frequent the live chat.

Wealthy Affiliate is not just another web hosting platform, its a university. The training here is unmatched by anyone or any site on the internet today. Live video training, classrooms, countless ways to ask the over 850,000 members any questions or problems you may encounter.

My review results

Its an interactive community of like minded entrepreneurs just like you, helping each other to reach their individual goals. We review each others site, so helpful if your first starting out. Give comments on site pages and posts, follow each other on social media, all geared to help with search engine ratings.  

Where else online can you try it before you spend a dime?
Free Sign Up Offer Below!

Free Starter sign up is 2 free websites

Buying a domain name?
There are 2 prices. $13.99 and $15.99
with a renewal at the same price

Plan 1. Free sign up and get 2 Free websites with hosting
Plan 2. Premium monthly $49.00/month up to 50 sites
Plan 3. Premium yearly $359.00 (.98 cents a day) Best Value

I recommend the yearly premium since it offers the best value and gives you access to all the training, unlimited keyword searches,(that saves you $15-20.00/mo) access to the owners, all the live training webinars, the give and get comment and feedback sections, etc.

Price vs Value

Every time I sign up with a different hosting platform to do a review, I add up all the extras you would have to subscribe to just to have the tools that Wealthy Affiliate gives you, and Wealthy Affiliate is always cheaper with the yearly sign up.

Value far out weighs price at Wealthy Affiliate. For less than the price of a cup of coffee, I was able to get a college education on building a passive income producing site that I had failed at before on other sites. The community of like minded individuals eager to help, is worth the .98 cents a day.

Take a peek inside at the first lesson for beginners and all the information that you’ll get. [Training] This 10-lesson course is part of the Wealthy Affiliate Online Entrepreneur Certification. It is a step by step course of creating a successful online business.

This getting started course (level 1) is your first step to realizing your potential as an online business owner. There are 5 levels to this training, each with a number of lessons and tasks that you do each day on your site. Most times when your done with that task, you place your site name in the members area for a review.

The Free Lessons with Free Sign-up

Here is a free offer at Wealthy Affiliate, 100% free

The Free Offer at Wealthy Affiliate
Sign up for Free and Get:

2 free websites: WordPress is the easiest to use Content Management System (CMS) today.
Entrepreneur Certification classes: A step by step guide with video tutorials made by Kyle (owner)
Interactive Classrooms: (13 of them) On every topic you would need to be successful
Live video training: (weekly) On important online business subjects (experts in their field)
Daily new training: Some added by fellow members (its an interactive community)
Personal help: – From me, some of the 850,000 members and the owners of the company
Free Keyword search tool: To gather your words and phrases
24/7 Help and support: From the support team and members (you will never feel alone)
Live chat: This runs 24/7/365, hundreds if not thousands of members on at any given time
Pay it forward community: They help you, you help them (reviewing your site, commenting, etc.)

The list goes on and on…..But remember after 7 days the free membership has some limitations to all the training, but your websites and hosting is still 100% free. It’s a great way to see what this university offers.

You also get Free affiliate training as well.
You can check that out below.

“The most Valuable commodity I know of is Information”

Gordon Gekko was right. When you sign up with Wealthy Affiliates, with no commitment on your part, you can be up and running in no time at all.

There is a Gold Mine of information at Wealthy Affiliate, watch the educational video’s and learn as much as you can. The information and education offered by Wealthy Affiliate, is priceless and best of all is FREE.

Here are a few reviews,
2 of them are current free member

 When you sign up for the Free Starter Membership, I will also be able to give you a bonus. If within 7 days after joining, you can see the value and decide to join as a premium member, You will get a bonus from me that includes a 59% Discount.

But don’t take my word for it, join today for free and start training and building your 2 free websites. Chat with community members, see what they have to say. Learn from them, ask questions.

Your Dashboard at Wealthy Affiliate

On the left side is your access to your website manager to build your website, give and get comments on posts, website feedback, site support, all the classrooms and training, tools and all your account settings. 

In the middle are the new members, (we all follow each other), questions that are asked in the classrooms, At the top you can ask questions to members or read training on that subject.

Along the right side is the most active live chart room that I have seen on any website hosting platform. It runs 24/7 and is always very active. Some very experienced members are always there with the right answers and the owners can pop in at anytime to say hello and help anyone out that needs it.

1. Can try for free with 2 free sites including hosting
2. T
raining, training, training
3. C
ommunity of  tens of thousands eager to help
4. WordPress sites with all the tools you need
5. Live chat running 24/7 …. and so much more

1. Cannot teach you patience

Designed for: Everyone… If you have no knowledge of building a website or have created one before, you get all you need.

Support: running 24/7/365 and will get back to you in 1/2 hour or less, usually within a few minutes.

Conclusion: The step by step training is unmatched by any other site on the web. If you new to having an online business, its the only place I would recommend.

I will contact you within an hour of you Signing up for Free
to say hello and offer your Bonus

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All my best to you and your success.



PS: Please leave a comment if you have a minute. Tell me what
is working
for you if you already have a website and host



  1. Daniel says:

    I am a Wealthy Affiliate member and just can say that this is maybe the best platform in the whole internet world. The training, the webinars, the knowledge, the community and last but not least the price! I haven´t found something similar so far.

    The only thing what they can not teach us is: Patience! And this is maybe on of the hardest things when it comes to build a successful online business LOL.

    All the best to you!

    • Douglas Schmitz says:


      Thanks for visiting my site and my review of wealthy affiliate. It is by far the only place to be if you want to build a successful and rewarding online business.

      I agree with you that the training is second to none but the only way you realize that is by joining.

      Thanks again for your comment and have a great 4th of July.

      All my best,


  2. Veronica says:

    I like your description “a goldmine of information”, Doug.

    I’ve been on this platform now for 9 months and I can’t get over the amount of training available. Your site would have been one that would have helped me tremendously when I was searching for legitimate online businesses.

    What really sold me was the 7-day free training, I’ve never seen anything like it. Phenomenal!

    Thanks for the information, Doug.

    • Douglas Schmitz says:


      Thanks for visiting my site. I couldn’t agree more with you, the training and information on Wealthy Affiliate is a gold mine.

      When people realize that building a successful and profitable website takes time and the knowledge of doing it right, they see the value.

      When you look at the yearly sign up, it comes to .98 cents a day, 29.00 (approx.) a month, its in line with most other sites. But they don’t offer the knowledge and training to make it online.

      Thanks again for visiting, see you in the community,


  3. Neil says:

    Compared to most internet marketing training platforms out there, Wealthy Affiliate seems perfect in every way when it comes to websites, tools, training, support, and especially the cheap membership pricing (without upsells). 🙂

    In my opinion, the amount of value that WA provides really makes the platform unmatched.

    Any newbie looking for a place to start as well as learn how to build a successful online business should definitely become a member of Wealthy Affiliate.

    There simply is no better community. Period.


    • Douglas Schmitz says:


      I agree. Its price vs value and in the case of wealthy affiliate value far outweighs price.

      I have been on many website platforms in my years online. Godaddy, 1and1, etc. None have the training and tools that wealthy affiliate has. But I believe that the community of like minded individuals makes it tops in my book. If I have a question on anything I am doing with my sites, I can jump into a classroom and ask for help, jump into the live chat, etc. 

      Everyone there is so eager to help you its just awesome.

      Thanks for the visit and comment. If you have any questions just leave a comment and I’ll get back to you.

      All my best for your success,


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