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Web Hosting Cost Comparison – with reviews

The top website hosts, costs and attached reviews

How confusing it can be and in some cases frustrating to find a website host once you decide that you want to start an online business. You can read reviews and look at their plans but you really don’t know until you try them.

I am trying to make that process a little less daunting buy reviewing what most people are concerned with, the costs. I have 3 ratings next to each website host. First is the cost rating, 2nd is support, 3rd is training offered and 4th is the value based on cost.

Starting with #1 and listed on overall ratings

#1. Wealthy Affiliate: overall rating 98 – all WordPress sites   [Read More]
Can get 2 free domains with hosting – starter sign-up
Buying domain names – up to $15.99 in line with most
Ratings: cost – 95    Support – 97    training – 100    value – 100+

#2. GoDaddy: overall rating 76 – WordPress is extra    [Read More]
Domains : $2.99-$79.99 – Does run sales .99 cents
Ratings: cost – 92   Support – 72   training – 67  Value – 75

#3. 1and1 : overall rating 74 – WordPress is extra     [Read More]
Domains: $14.99 and up – Runs sales constantly .99 cents
Ratings: cost – 88  Support – 62  Training – 75  Value – 68

#4. namecheap: overall rating 71 – WordPress is extra     [Read More]
Domains: $ 5.99 -$64.00+ Runs sales daily .48cents
Ratings: cost – 91  Support – 61  training – 68  Value – 65

#5. HostGator: Overall rating 70 – WordPress is extra     [Read More]
CEO: Hari Ravichandran of EIG – Red Flag
Domains: $1.95-$34.99+ Runs sales now and then

Ratings: Cost – 78  Support – 64 Training – 63 Value – 73

#6. overall rating 67 – WordPress is extra     [Read More]
Domains: $37.00 and up yr/2 – bring your own
Ratings:  Cost – 74  Support – 62  Training – 64 Value – 68

#7. BlueHost: overall rating 63  – WordPress included in hosting    [Read More]
Owner: EIG (Endurance International Group)–Red Flag
Domains: $15.99+ Does not run sales

Ratings: Cost – 70 Support – 52 Training – 65 Value – 63

#8. WebsiteBuilder: Overall rating 52 – Not WordPress     [Read More]
       Domains – bring your own, does not sell them
       Ratings: Cost – 61 Support – 47 Training – 41 Value – 60

Parent company: EDI (Endurance International Group) Red Flag
Cost: $14.95+ for domain names, $11.99 per month hosting after year 1
Designed for: Newbie’s – Rating: 63 (0-100)  [Read More]

Parent company: EDI (Endurance International Group) Red Flag
Cost: $3.95+ basic plan – if buying 3 year plan up front
Designed for: Newbie’s
Rating: 52 (0-100) Slow load times are becoming serious [Read More]

Parent company: EDI (Endurance International Group) Red Flag
Cost: $3.75 Basic no thrills up to $55.95/month for business
Designed for: Newbie’s
Rating: 59 (0-100) [Read More]

Buying your domain name and having it hosted is going to be your first financial decision. Make sure you read through the hosting information before you decide where your going to build your new website. 

Hope this information was helpful and all my best to your success

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  1. Danny says:

    Based on all the information you have on your site, it seems like wealthy affiliate is the best hosting value. Am I right with that assumption?
    I’m looking to get back to having an online business and was with godaddy a few years ago. Don’t want to go back there.
    I probably need some information or training, but I have done this before.
    Why should I choose wealthy affiliate? Danny

    • Danny,
      Yes, wealthy affiliate when you do all the math is the best price for value by far. You’ll also have all the training material anyone could ever want.
      Everyone has their own favorite aspect on wealthy affiliate and there is probably a few that don’t.
      For me, I love all the training and live classes, but its the community there that sold me.
      Take the free tour with the free sign up. Look around and you’ll see the value.

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