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Web hosting ipage reviews – pro’s and con’s

Parent company: EDI (Endurance International Group) Use caution
Cost: $14.95+
Designed for: Newbie’s
Rating: 63 (0-100)

In this iPage website host review, we will look at what to expect from iPage as a hosting service provider. ipage is now owned by Endurance International group. EIG owns other webhosting sites such as HosyGator, BlueHost, FatCow and a group of others.  

Good hosting services will provide you with excellent support, up to 100% of uptime, reasonably priced services, fast server response, enhanced security for your website, etc.

Unfortunately, most hosting service providers will not give you all that, instead, they will choose a few features and neglect others to save costs. Others will choose to give you all those features but slap you with a huge subscription fee that can only be paid by big corporations. 

Domain names

ipage gives you a domain name for free when you sign up for the other services like hosting. But the second year the cost is $14.99. You are allowed to add additional domain names for the same $14.99 each. 

You can buy domain names there, the prices range as follows. A dot com is $10.99, dot org is $13.99,  so their in the ballpark with other website hosts. 

Budget Hosting Plans

If you are just starting your online business, then you may consider iPage. They are among the cheapest web host services in the market place. They have a monthly hosting fee of just $1.99, which applies to both the long terms and short-term deals.

That is good news because you don’t have to buy a 36-month plan to enjoy their sign-up budget plan hosting, just buy the minimum 12-month plan and you are good to go.

However, when the time comes to renew, the fees jump up to $11.99 per month, which applies to all hosting plans. That’s over a 350% increase, quite a lot if your website hasn’t started making money yet!

VPS hosting plans

Basic, Business, and Optimum. These are the three configurations for the Linux-based servers:

Basic plan is $24.99 per month and start with just 1GB of RAM, 40GB of storage, and 1TB of monthly data transfers.

Business plan is $59.99 per month and offer 4GB of RAM, 90GB of storage, and 3TB of monthly data transfers.

The Optimum plan is $99.99 per month and has 8GB of RAM, 120GB of storage, and 4TB of month data transfers.


E-Marketing and E-Commerce

iPage offers an a built-in online store as a feature. To get started, you click the ShopSite Starter icon and then a button to enable ShopSite. I did, but the page became blank. I refreshed and found the ShopSite page with a Manage My Store button.

The ShopSite bundled with the Essential plan is the basic version, with a 15-product/5-page limit, no third-party application integration, and limited design options. You can upgrade to the Manager version ($29.95 per month) or Pro ($49.95 per month).

Customer Support

While most budget hosting services will match cheap prices with poor customer support, iPage is does not do that. It provides reliable customer support through email, phone, and live chat.

Because of the number of clients they have, you can expect some delay before they answer your call; however, they will be very comprehensive in their response.


iPage partners with SiteLock to ensure that your site is secure at all times. According to iPage, they did a survey with SiteLock in 1014 and found that about 12.5% of websites have some kind of malware infection.

To mitigate that risk and secure your websites, they will regularly scan it and remove any malware for you if they find it. Furthermore, they include daily backups to make sure that your site will be restored to its latest version if something goes horribly wrong. That allows you to roll back to what you had the previous day and continue doing business.

iPage offers Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificates for $31.99 per year.


They appear to be cheap but they are not that impressive when it comes to their uptime. In 2016 for example, they had 148 outages totaling a downtime of 8 hours. That translates to an uptime of 99.91%.

That is below the best industry practice of 99.99%. While that 0.08% may look insignificant, it’s a lot if your livelihood depends on your website being online. However, if you are just starting out, and you need a cheap hosting service before you start to get decent traffic, then 0.09% downtime may not be a deal breaker.

Load time

iPage’s page loading times came in at 866ms, that to me is abnormally slow and something I would never deal with. 

Slow page loading times negatively impact the search engines or SEO’s. What will happen with those speed numbers is lower rankings and less visibility, which = lower site traffic.


Most hosting services, allow you to manage your site using the user-friendly cPanel, but iPage. iPage allows users to manage their sites using the less known vDeck, which is also user-friendly.

You just have to get used to its interfaces, which is quite different from cPanel. Using vDeck, you can install your CMSs such as Joomla, WordPress, etc., and install apps as well.

Their shared hosting includes unlimited storage, domain names, bandwidth, and MySQL databases. It also includes several apps and sitebuilder tools such as WIX.

Hosting Pricing

Essential Plan
It is their only shared hosting plant and it costs $1.99 monthly when you signup. The hosting fee changes to as much as $11.95 monthly when you it’s time to renew your plan.

WordPress Hosting – 2 plans

WP Starter costs $3.75 per month and includes a customized vDeck control panel, pre-installed plugins, and selected themes.

The WP Essential costs $6.95 monthly, and it includes all the tools in Starter plan. However, WP Essential uses the fast SSD disk storage infrastructure to boost your site’s performance and speed. It also includes malware protection, unlimited disk-space, and can handle millions of site visitors per month. It’s therefore their premium hosting package.


It’s affordable.
It comes with a 24/7 dedicated support.
You can to run a source server.
They offer unlimited disk space.
They don’t limit their bandwidth.


They have many upsells.
You pay more after expiry of initial hosting plan.
They don’t use cPanel.
They have a lower uptime compared to the industry average.

Some user reviews
Stubs2 said: The iPage infrastructure is woefully out of date

Jamie said: iPage has sneaky pricing and terrible service
Alphamail says: ipage is a criminal organization – stay away at your peril
Josh said: iPage sells your personal info unless you pay them extra not to

Anthony said: charging 160$ for renew your domain
Tenny says: ipage seems to have descent phone support
John said: iPage is, by far, one of the slowest web hosts I have had

Designed for: Unknowing newbies that see the $1.99 sign up for hosting and getting a free domain. 

Support: Did away with site support tickets. You have to get help in live chat or by phone. 

Conclusion: I was only with ipage long enough to investigate their system and cancelled before the 30 days, I would not recommend this site to anyone. 

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