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What is Affiliate BootCamp – First 10 Lessons FREE

Affiliate BootCamp – What Is It?

If you are NEW to the online business world, and want to build a website for affiliate marketing, then Affiliate Bootcamp is one of the most important steps you can take.

Affiliate Bootcamp is a step by step training on building an affiliate website. It is hosted on the best website building platform in existence today, Wealthy Affiliate.

The complete series is 7 phases each consisting of many lessons and more tasks. After each lesson is a list of 3 or more tasks to complete before moving on to the next lesson.

It basically takes you by the hand with each step of building a successful online affiliate business. From choosing your domain name, focusing on your chosen niche, building your pages, writing your content, doing reviews, publishing your pages and posts and so much more.

Phase One of the Affiliate Bootcamp

Lessons 1 and 2 are to get you acquainted with the Wealthy Affiliate site, how to move around and find the information you need. Also, to choose the direction you want to go, the niche you have chosen.

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You can also ask the opinions of fellow members about your niche. Is it too broad, or narrow, do they think its a good direction, etc.

Lesson 3 is where you start to build your website. The following are 2 screen shots from the 3rd lesson. The first shot is showing you how to access your site builder, the second is the video training and what it entails. 

Screen shot 1Screen shot 2

If you read the outline 3 screen shots above, you’ll see that each phase of the lessons are put in order to take you one step at a time with the process of building your website.

With each lesson and each task completed, your website will start to take shape. You will be building out more and more pages of content, writing reviews and your site will start to get noticed by the SEO’s. 

Keep with a schedule as much as possible. Keep a pad and pen with you all the time. You will find that ideas can pop into your head at the most unlikely times, you need to make a note of them so you can apply them to your site.

At Wealthy Affiliate you can sign up for free and get 2 free websites. With that you have access to the first phase (10 lessons) of the affiliate bootcamp training.

I first joined up at Wealthy Affiliate the same way, as a free member. It took me 2 days to see the value they offer in their university style website building platform before I joined.

For myself, I knew I wanted to build a successful online business, I wasn’t going to go half way but all the way. I needed the training, education and help they provide, and the yearly offer which comes to .98 cents a day was well worth it. I gave up 1 cup of coffee a day.

Like me, you have to get it into your head what its going to take to build a website. DON”T make the same mistake I made the first time around. I had no training, no idea of what I was doing. I spent months working on my site and saw nothing for my efforts and gave up.

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First you need a strong WHY. Why do you want to build a website and become an affiliate? People have many reasons, kids college education, a vacation home, a new car, to escape the 9-5 rat race, etc.

Whatever your why is, make sure you feel strongly about it. Write it down, hang a picture of it by your workspace. You WILL get discouraged along the way. That is when you need your strong why. Read it, look at your picture to remember why you started this process in the first place, and get back to work.

No matter how much you know, or all the training you may go through, none of it can teach you the next 3 major things you need to understand.

Time, Patience and Determination

Building a website for affiliate marketing in the online business world is going to take time. It takes time to search keywords for each page title you create. To search the keywords to use in your content you have to write on each page.

Time to research your content subject, to write reviews on the products your promoting and the products your reviewing them against. Time for your site to get indexed, time for the search engines to find and rank your site. Time, Time, Time.

This is where your patience has to kick in. If you can understand the time factor, then you should have the patience. Knowing it up front, before you start, will help you have the patience.

These are the times I said previously that will get you discouraged. You need your strong why and the determination to keep moving on.

Why do I say all this?

I’m sorry to make it sound this way, but I don’t want to mislead you. Building an online business for affiliate marketing is not easy, it will not happen overnight, next week, or even next month. Its a process that takes time.

Is it worth all the work? YES!!

The second time I started building my online business, my mind set was “I want this producing an income by next year”. So I was thinking a year out. I was thankful for having that mindset, but it didn’t take a year. I kept looking at my WHY, went back to work on a regular schedule and within 6 months I was making a passive income.

I kept thinking back to my first website and wondering, “where would I have been if I had the training and kept going”. I wasted a few years, but I was determined to make my sites successful. Now I have 3 sites and a better life for it.

Do the right thing

Below is the free sign up. Don’t sign up till you have some time to spend looking around the website, seeing what they have to offer, going through some of the training, talking with other members in the extremely live chat which runs 24/7.

For the first 7 days of your free sign up, you will have access to everything they have to offer. Take advantage of that time. Take the free sign up offer when you have time to spend there. You will also get 2 free websites and hosting with the free sign up.

If you decide you don’t want to join, you still get to keep your 2 free websites and have them hosted for free. But your training will be limited until you sign up for their premium membership.

Before you jump in, here is a free keyword search. They will give you 30 free searches but its enough for you to check out a name you want to use in the free sign up below.


Another nice feature of Wealthy Affiliate is, if you do sign up as a premium member you will have unlimited searches in the Jaaxy keyword search platform I have linked above. That saves you $19.00 a month that you would have to pay for if you were with any other site.

Jaaxy is the best keyword search tool on the web today. When you consider the time your going to spend building your site, page titles and writing content that you use the keywords in, its nice to know your data from Jaaxy is current, strong and updated consistently throughout the day.

Some Information you may want to read through

  1. Writing out your Business Plan
  2. Choosing your Domain Name
  3. Focusing on your niche
  4. Importance of your Page Titles
  5. Searching your keywords
  6. Writing Content

My website is full of information and tips for building your new website for your affiliate marketing business. Bookmark it as a reference and feel free to contact me if you need some assistance.

I hope you found this information useful and all my best to your success.

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