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Where to get Affiliate links

I was recently asked, “how many affiliate links can I have”. From what I have learned, affiliate links should be a minor part of your site. The content of the site has to be the major part. You site should be helping people to make an informed decision about an interest of theirs.

Affiliate links throughout each page is not good for rankings. With that said, you don’t want to leave money on the table, so to say.

If your reviewing products, whether good or bad,  adding a text link to the site name is fine. Text links are better for google and the other search engines, and statistic’s show, they are clicked on more often than banners.

Here are some of the affiliate sites you could join. These sites are connected to thousands of merchants. You would choose which merchant you want to add to your site, and apply to them. Most have a quick reply, but others may take a week. (I am not an affiliate with any of them, they are just direct links. I do belong to some, but I am not promoting them.

(1) Commission Junction
(2) Affiliate Window
(3) Clickbank
(4) ShareASale
(5) LinkShare

You should join 2 of them to be able to give your site some flexibility. One site may have merchants that the other does not.

There are also direct affiliations with sites like Amazon. You have to apply to them directly. The platform at Amazon for the affiliate program sign up is here. Again its a direct link to sign up, no affiliation with me.


Information on How Affiliate programs work can be found here.


This image shows you some of the direct affiliation merchants. 




I don’t know of any percentages, but if I had to say a percent of links to Content, 5-7% links, 93-95% Content.

Hope that help’s others with similar questions.
All my best to your success,   Doug

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