How to Start Your Online Business

A Step by Step Guide

Writing content for your pages

By now you should have:
Read through the first page of my site so you understand what it will take to build a successful online business. 

You must understand that the process of building a website is going to take time, patience and lots of determination. You also have to understand the importance of having a strong WHY!

You also should have defined and focused down your niche. Written out a business plan and have chosen or already have purchased a domain name. 

Before starting to write any content, you need to have researched and titled a few pages for your new website. 

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Adding content to your pages

The content on your site is KING. There are many areas of your website that the SEO’s (search engine optimization) will be scouring through to rate your site. The content you write and the keywords you use in it, is Paramount to your success.

But more than that, content is going to be a major factor whether someone stays on your site or leaves.

When you write content on your site, your writing to the public at large, in a way that is designed to promote a specific product or service. Content writing is almost always related to SEO (search engine optimization) marketing campaigns utilizing the algorithms they have in place.

Unlike a brick and mortar business, with the online world of business, you do not have
the luxury of sustaining someone’s attention by standing in front of them. If they are not captured by your content, their exit is just one click away. That happens more often than not.

Your content must flow easily, be informative, interesting and be helpful. You have to be answering questions without knowing what they are.

When it comes to offering your website visitors a product review, you want to Help that visitor or “potential” customer make an informed, educated purchasing decision.

The most valuable commodity I know of is

People are hungry for information, the more you provide the better your site will be received by your visitors and when being rated in the search engines.

Helping people is what your content should be all about. If you were looking for a product online, what information would you be looking for….

How will this product improve my life? What are the features? How is it better than _____ product? How does it work? How much does it cost? I have a review outline below.

What Gordon Gekko said in the movie Wall Street is so true. Give the people the information they want and need and it will pay off over time. If you understand people’s buying habits online, you will see the need for reviews and for all your content to be informative.

The most successful online businesses do not put “making money” as their main focus when writing content. They concentrate on being helpful, to solving a problem. They write informative and interesting content.

Be sure when writing content that your not trying to solve an unimportant problem. It is 1 of the top 10 reasons people fail in online business

Before you start writing content, you need pages
If Content is King, Page Titles are Princes

Say you want to have an online store selling golf balls. Before you start to write any content on your site, we have to come up with a list of possible pages that you would have.

These pages should be informative, educational and easy to read. The text should be fluently written, clear and informative. It should be solving a problem, helping someone understand and educational. Lets take this idea and come up with some pages.

Page suggestions for a golf ball site:

1. Home page (landing page)
2. The difference of golf balls
3. What golf ball is right for your swing
4. Golf course etiquette
5. Rules of golf and changes
6. Training for longer drives
7. Short game training
8. Golf now page
9. Privacy page
10. About me page 

This is a short list of pages for a site selling golf balls. Each one of these will give you an idea of the content you could write. Another page you should have is an interactive page where visitors can tell their stories and post pictures explaining their golf round.

Read through why page titles are so important

Perhaps another page discussing the rules or different golf courses and there condition. You will also need additional pages for selling golf balls.

As mentioned above, once you have your page list outlined, take it to a
keyword search tool and type in each one to see how its rated.
You can tweak them a bit for better ratings in the SEO’s. 

Lets take a look at the home page. You do not want it loaded with pictures of golf balls with a price and an affiliate link attached to buy them. You may want 1 or 2 of the best sellers or the lowest prices, but you want some interesting stories, articles and information.

Maybe a live leader board on the side panel that you can get from the PGA site. A golf now app for people to get tee times is a great way to get visitors to come back again and again.

The difference in golf balls page could talk about how they are made and what makes them different. How those differences would react to different kinds of swing speeds or approach angles. The difference of a soft cover verse a hard cover. How the size of the dimples on the ball effect the flight and spin, etc.

I hope your getting the point here. We took an idea of selling golf balls. We broke that idea down to a list of possible pages and then we brainstorm each of those pages on what subjects could be written on each of those pages.

The content your writing does not have to be perfect, but it should be educational, informative and interesting. Any of the information your not sure of pertaining to golf balls, you can find by googling the golf ball manufacturer.

Write your content like your standing with a friend talking with them

Ideas for Writing reviews

Reviews are a big part of any online website today. Whatever your selling or promoting, you should have a review on it and of competitive products. Let me give you a list of what you should write about in any product review.

1. Introduction: this should include the product name, its model number, average price, etc.
2. How (product name) works: The ease of use or problems of use depending if its a competitive product or one your selling. Keep this in mind, feature, function and benefit.
3. My thoughts on (product name): Best here if you have used the product yourself, if not do some searches and find out what people are saying.
4. What others think about (product name): Download a few personal reviews from people that own the product.
5. Pros and Cons: What are the best features and what are the drawbacks
6. Conclusion: your overall rating of the product based on a 5 star system or a 0-100 rating.
7. Where to Buy (Product Name): Here is where you would put your affiliate link in.

Your page title, content, keywords and phrases is what brings a visitor to your site. Your articles and interactive posts and also your sale prices will keep them coming back. You have to treat your site just like a “brick and mortar” store.

They are always freshening up their displays or creating new ones. Having new sales, adding more products. They keep the store looking clean and fresh because they, like all businesses, want “Repeat business”.

You have to do the same with your site
. Add some fresh content, new pictures, sales if your website is selling products. This is why I say you should be passionate about what your doing. If you love taking care of your site and writing new content, it will shine on through. Your visitors will read it and feel it.

If your having trouble with what pages to add to your site,
leave me a comment and Maybe I can send you some ideas.

I myself keep a pad with or by me when I am away from my computer and my work. It’s usually at those times my mind can wonder and think of ideas that I wouldn’t have while sitting at my computer screen. Write them down and let your mind think through them, you’ll come up with some good content.

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Just some other Thoughts

Any page on your new website may spark another idea for additional pages and content. As you are writing about a subject, just type it out as you are thinking it. Like your talking to a friend or neighbor.

You will be going back over it several times to edit, add new information you read about elsewhere, add some internal links to another page you have with related information. A comment a visitor left may give you another subject to add also.

When writing your content, you will most likely be adding keywords as you go along without realizing it. Some of the keywords behind the scenes so to say, will automatically be put into your content.

When you have a page written, get your list of Keywords and phrases and go over what you have written. You will notice you can change a few phrases to match the keywords you have on your list.

Example: If your selling your own wooden bird houses, you may write “when placing your new bird house in your yard”….. and you can change it to, “when placing your new wooden bird house in your yard…. Wooden bird house is a better key word that gets more searches. 

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Remember, as your building your site and adding content, try to see it through the eyes of your customer and keep it clean and easy to navigate. I can’t build your site for you, but If your on the same site I am on,, I will be there to help you.

I hope you found this information useful
All my best to you and your success


PS: Please leave a comment if you have a minute…Thanks


  1. jeffrey16201 says:

    I learned many new things from our article on writing content, I will make a note of all the suggestions you shared and add them to my content checklist.

    Does videos improve a websites ranking, I have heard they do and don’t so what is your experience with video’s and ranking with search engines?

    • Douglas Schmitz says:


      Glad you found my articles informative. I do hope that it will help you on your way to having a successful online business.

      Yes, I have heard that video’s do add to a sites rankings, but with talking with some others online, they help if its informative and relates to the page subject. I am looking into adding one or 2.  

      Thanks again for visiting, and all my best to your success.


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